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    An introduction seems to come closer now, so I thought I'd share some threads on here ;)


    Nanolex WashCoat is a truly unique product – the application is very quick and very easy, it literally takes a few minutes only. The product is applied during the wash, right after the final rinse.

    The car needs to be wet, the product is applied to it than by either foam gun or pump sprayer. It needs to be left on the paint for 1-2 minutes, after the rinse it will work straight away – it has to be rinsed off to work properly.

    Nanolex In Development - Nanolex Project "WashCoat" HD

    Here are some more videos that were supplied by customers over time:

    WashCoat can be used as a stand-alone product as well as a maintenance product. Used as a stand-alone we recommend 50ml of product, for top-ups (it works well on any other sealant/wax, like the shampoo) we recommend 20ml.

    The concentrate needs to be diluted right before it is used, the mixture will become unstable and fall out after a couple of hours.

    It’s the first product that makes a noise when it is on the surface, make sure to listen when you test it ;)

    The durability is at least 6-8 weeks or 4 washes respectively. If Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is used the durability will of course be prolonged.

    Gloss is visible enhanced, the surface becomes smoother and also easier to clean!

    The product is perfect for the winter months since the application is so easy and there is zero curing time – also ambient conditions do not matter.

    WashCoat is offered in 200ml/500/1000ml sizes, those quantities will be sufficient for at least 5-10 / 10-25 / 25-50 applications! It can technically be diluted 1:200 and will still work, but not as long.

    Any questions and comments are much appreciated!

    Cheers, Florian
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    thanks for sharing.
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    Sorry about the latter video, chatter is in finnish. And the giggling I'm ashamed for, but it was quite funny to see beading on the tires and unpainted plastics with Wash Coat :)

    As we tried it on that Volvo, we regularly kept an eye on it as it's our neighbourghs car. Durability was quite spot on two months with two washes in between. On the third wash it was almost gone.

    We used the suggested dilution of 50ml product to the foam lances bottle and used it all on one go as can be seen on the video. That is a pure raw video without any kind of post editing what so ever.

    I've played around with Wash Coat for the last year or so and I can say that it happily sits on top of any wax, sealant, nanosealant or semi-permanent coating I've tried so far. No smearing, no streaking, nothing unusal as far as I've tested. Just spray on, let it sit, rinse off.
    We've tried this with foam lance, pressure sprayer and once even with a wash mitt adding just a drop or two to the mitt and going over a panel or two before rinsing the mitt and repeating. Has worked like a charm every time we've tried it.

    The smell is pleasant as a raw product. Diluted and sprayed on doesn't smell much of anything.

    Only thing I can think of as a negative is that I haven't gotten a gallon size container of this yet, I've been using it more and more all the time.

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