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    Water behavior of Nanolex SI3D Nano Coating.


    Based on its unique Si3D technology, Nanolex Car Care offers a range of products specifically developed and designed to fulfill the highest demands and needs of our professional customers.
    The Si3D molecules – precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials – consist of silica, nitrogen, hydrogen and organic compounds such as carbon. These high-performance polymers are all solvent and fluorine free.
    The additionally-implemented thermoplastic component forms an incredibly hydrophobic, flexible, cross-linked matrix to give an outstanding hardness and durability.
    Nanolex Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which in turn provides excellent corrosion protection with easy-to-clean-properties.
    Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint to up to 9H+, adding a clear coat with a color-darkening effect to the treated surface.
    Depending on the number of applied layers of Si3D, the thickness of the coating can vary. The coating thickness, combined with the sophisticated structural nature of the Si3D matrix, make the coatings resistant to abrasion caused by frequent washing and also unaffected by most chemical substances.
    An important part of automotive coatings are solvents. The liquid consistency, viscosity and volatility of the product is highly dependent on the used solvents. Nanolex Car Care do not incorporate any aromatic solvents in their product formulations, due to the high potential of ‘hazardous-to-health’ character, thus making them safe use in an enclosed environment.
    The Si3D coatings have very good ‘solvent release’ properties – about 90% of the solvents will evaporate during the first 24 hours, with the remaining 10% evaporating within one week. Please take note that solvent evaporation is also greatly dependant on temperature and weather conditions.
    Nanolex Car Care do not incorporate any aromatic solvents in their product formulations, due to the high potential of ‘hazardous-to-health’ character, thus making them safe use in an enclosed environment.
    Unlike traditional protective coatings such as car wax and conventional polymer coatings, where the protective efficiency decreases with time, and from using degreasing or alkaline detergents, or because of mechanical removal, Nanolex Si3D coating exhibits outstanding durability and a tough insensitivity to abrasion from frequent washing and the use of strong alkaline or acidic detergents.
    With proper maintenance Nanolex Si3D will have a durability of approximately 30000 km on the surfaces it was applied to.
    Nanolex Si3D was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.
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    Is it safe to use Adams Detail Spray on Si3D coating when drying the car? Or should I use some Nanolex QD? :)
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    Looks like a great product, Phil. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on applying Nanolex at the shop and whether you have had the same results.
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    we have been enjoying the product its currently I feel one of the best, it's not over marketed and does what it claims.

    we will have some articles coming up shortly with the application on a few cars we have done.
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    I did not see this nanolex si3d available on dd, any idea when it will be available?
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    this is a pro product so currently the only way to get it will be thru a authorized pro installer.

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    This is one great product. In the past with other coatings, I havent seen that really slick tactile feel that you would get from a premium level wax, but with Si3D, you get the super glossy, silky feel. The water behavior is superb.

    Here are a couple of pics from the Camaro that I have it on.





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    that looks great!
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    looking good.

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