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    I purchased the Nanolex on Phil's recommendation last April/May. I applied to my wife DD a 2009 Acura MDX in pearl white. It is in Mint shape and after a one step polish, it was onto the coating.

    I really liked the look of the Shield and it was super easy to apply. Main difference between this and all the other coatings I have used it that you apply the hood, let settle and wipe high spots, and then immediately apply 2nd coat to the hood. No big deal, just different,

    It looks great on, but the best part is the fact that it is such a non stick surface. I was reminded to come post this because my wife car was bird bombed horribly over the 4th of July by a bird that had an affection with blue/red berries from the looks of it. When I got home, I dreaded getting them off the hood and roof. I decided not to drag the hose out at 2AM and just use some ONR and MF's to get them off the best I could. They had been baked on so I was expecting to soak them, leave a wet MF on them and then wipe after a while. As I squirted the mess with ONR it started to break up, I wiped it with a MF gently and it literally jumped off the paint. This was the exact case to all of them.

    I was really impressed the next morning to find no marring from the clean up, no etching and no staining.

    I don't see a lot of talk on detailing forums about Shield, but its a super coating, that looks good, it very protective and easy to apply.

    I am sorry I have not posted this sooner but my Photobucket account is and has been problematic !

    I have had trouble with it and now they don't allow 3rd party linking. Anyone have a good lead on a company where I can host pics to post on forums?

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    thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Phil.


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