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    Looking to try something new, Nanolex looks interesting, especially the somewhat interesting application when doing 2 layers.

    As for good, better, best it appears that:

    SiShield = good
    Si3D = better
    Si3D HD = best?

    I also see Si3D BC avaliable in UK.

    1. Looks like Sishield is avaliable in 30ml here at DD; guessing that's not gonna cover 2 coats on a panel van...50ml avaliable?

    2. Are the others pro-only? Seems to be no restrictions noted on UK site but see no availability here on DD.

    3. General experiences with longevity.

    Properties I look for in a coating:

    I live in NE Ohio so all ny findings/thoughts are based on that climate. The characteristics of a coating that matter most to me are:

    1. Great Self Cleaning Abilities: Our cars see rain and often get rained on in the morning and then sit outside in the sun in the afternoon; don’t like waterspots. I like clean cars but don’t like cleaning cars.

    2. Durability and resistance to environmental contamination like water spots and bird bombs. Don’t wanna have to worry about running home and immediately dealing with removing things that would otherwise etch bare paint. Like hard water spots did to our Corvette during the Zaino years. Also has to last cuz I don’t wanna be hauling out compounds and polishes every Spring, given reasonable maintenance.

    3. Appearance: Well, stuff has to look good. Has to accentuate body lines, curves and hard edges. It needs to make me stop and admire it when walking towards it, walking away from it or catching a glance in the garage when I take out the garbage.

    So far, the best I've found *for me* and what is now on all our personal cars are Miyabix2, ISMx1, Infinity Wax and Overcoat from the Kamikaze Collection of products...the stuff just plain works for our situation. But I'm sure you know how it is...always chasing Unicorns.

    I'm wanting to give this a go on a new Ford Transit E250 that will see limited maintenance going forward; is Nanolex up to a task of this nature?

    For what it's worth, have tried the below in the past year, looking for something new:

    Cquartz Classic
    Gyeon Mohs (with and without Gyeon Booster)
    Gyeon Prime
    Gyeon CanCoat
    Feynlab Ceramic
    Pearl Nano
    The Gloss Shop Ceramic V1
    The Gloss Shop Ceramic V2
    Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light
    22ple HPC
    Wolfgang Uber Ceramic
    McKees Paint Coating V1
    Kamikaze Miyabi
    Kamikaze ISM

    Complimentary products/toppers/boosters

    Gtechniq Liquid Crystal C2V3
    22ple Final Coat VS1
    22ple Finitura
    Gyeon Cure
    IGL Premier
    Kamikaze Overcoat
    Kamikaze Infinity Wax
    TAC Systems Moonlight
    Gyeon Booster

    Any info/suggestions appreciated.
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