My take on the wear of microfiber cutting pads

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  1. detailersdomain

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    I get a lot of calls and emails regarding the lifespan of a buffing pad, here is my take.

    Whether it is foam or microfiber or surbuf - as you all know the more aggressive the cut the faster it will wear out etc. I relate this to high performance tires (mf cutting pad, yellow foam pad), if you take your car to the track you will see your tires get worn out much quicker than an all season tire (polishing pad)

    Heat plays a factor and delamination and significant wear will happen, if you are pro detailer I feel you have to take in to account the costs involve and it will make it easier on you over time. I have seen pads fall apart over a few panels of compounding and I have seen pads last 3-5 full corrections.

    Overall I have seen pads improve over the last few years.

    The more we report back to the manufacturers the faster we will all see change.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. StreetShotz

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    I agree.

    I have destroyed pads over a short time and have some that refuse to die. However, I also factor in the price of the detail I am offering as the type of vehicle it is to determine weather or not I will use a new pad or re-use one that still has some life left in it.
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  3. Pureshine

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    I've factored in the cost and time to maintain them and I've switched to Carpros Flash pads cut as good as MF pads and finish great.
  4. Woob

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    MF Pad wise, air blowing, heat management (each panel), aggressiveness, and how you release the chemicals in the fibers is huge. Still theorizing about the fiber aspect. In particular for Megs MF pads as I was told at NXTi: use an air compressor, avoid using a harsh brush, and try to watch the velcro that you use (hook design can transfer heat in a negative method). I say clean them often, blow them often, and keep swapping.
  5. inDetail

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    I only use B&S Mf pads by far the most durable I have used. The trick to keep them living long. Woob put it right clean them well

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