My baby is getting a new rear bumper

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    I had a little scrape up in the parking lot at I had to get the rear bumper repainted. The shop I took it to is actually OEM BMW though, b/c I live in Greenville one town away from the Spartenburg BMW plant, and they body shop I took it to is used by the plant for about 70% of their touch up and repaint jobs (basically anything thats not assembly line paint). This sayed they are extremely reputable and do a truly orangepeelESS job, but they still leave some buffer trails...not really bad ones, but I notice them in the sun (when I had my front fender hit and repainted there) I just wanted to vent at how I'm gonna have to repolish my rear bumper when I get it back....only b/c I JUST polished the whole car before winter and now its like I gotta redo the bumper which is tough b/c I gotta use the PC....ugh
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    oooh...sorry to hear that, I for one never look forward to getting my vehicles looked after a body shop...but look in the have the knowledge and tools to give it that extra personal touch :thumb:

    Hope all works out.

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