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  1. ericeng2

    ericeng2 Two Bucket System Washer

    So I'm almost positive there is another thread about this, but I can't find it to save my life.

    Basically, my car is getting dirty already, but often times, i is too cold to actually wash it and wax it. I really want to add another layer of Collinite 845 before snow hits too.

    What should I do to clean my car (not buff) to get it ready for another layer of wax if I don't have access to a wash bay and abundant amounts of water? I was thinking about optimum no-rinse, but wasn't quite sure.

    Any tips? Thanks!
    And if there is another thread out there answering this question, it would be awesome if you could link me to it!
  2. WashingJosh

    WashingJosh Jedi Nuba

    ONR will be the way to go. 1 oz per 2 gallons
    Waxing in the cold shouldn't be a problem. Just keep the 845 in the house until you're ready to wax that way it spreads just as nicely as summer.
  3. ericeng2

    ericeng2 Two Bucket System Washer

    awesome. thanks. I have a garage, so I can bring out a space heater and it shouldn't be too bad. I really should bring in all my products though...

    Just being curious, is there any other method that you or anybody else uses?

    also, are there any special steps to do with using ONR or doing a winter wash?
  4. WashingJosh

    WashingJosh Jedi Nuba

    As far as ONR, you can take as many precautions as you can to reduce / eliminate swirling and or marring.
    I use two buckets both with a grit guard in the bottom. Use clean microfibers and realize the limitations of it.
    If you have caked mud or dirt it would be best to pretreat that area with an apc and or pressure wash it first. I love ONR though. First time I used it I thought to myself this can't be right but it works for me and so many others you shouldn't have a problem.
    If you wash your car correctly with ONR your wash solution bucket should be clean and blue (color of onr) when you're done and the rinse bucket will look like brown water.
  5. ericeng2

    ericeng2 Two Bucket System Washer

    Well I just put my order in with phil for some ONR and a couple other things, but I have final exams coming this week and the first half the next. Hopefully, right after, I have time to clean and put on another layer or two of 845.
  6. ericeng2

    ericeng2 Two Bucket System Washer

    Ok, so now I have another problem. ONR keeps wax on the car (if i recall correctly), and I need to do a full detail on a different car and need to take the existing wax off. So i figure I would do the dawn dish soap method on this car (as I did on my own). The problem is that this means I need to do the wash outdoors, and the bigger problem is that outdoors is absolutely freezing now. Would you guys recommend any certain method to do this? Or should I just brave through it and buy some hand warmers?

    Luckily it would only be one wash outdoors. I have a garage to do all the detailing in, and I can use ONR for the 2nd wash in the garage.
  7. Supertuner

    Supertuner Jedi Nuba

    Just do an ONR wash; and if you want to strip the paint you can do an IPA wipe down if you want which should leave your surface ready for your next steps; no need to freeze
  8. ericeng2

    ericeng2 Two Bucket System Washer

    oh, so the IPA would get rid of the existing wax? Or is that just not something I have to worry about?
    Also, is there a certain mix/percentage used aside from 70% ipa to water (or whatever the standard is?)

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