Mercedes Benz: "RULES" for caring for a matte finish

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    I have a friend that bought a 2012 designo black (p88 package) c63 coupe. I have another friend who has the matte blk M3. So I was was thinking that this type of paint might find it's way to one of you. Below are the rules for caring for a Matte Black finish.

    per Mercedes Benz: "RULES" for caring for a matte finish MB:

    - Has a soft Matte-effect finish instead of traditional gloss
    - Matte effect is entirely in the Clearcoat.
    - The other paint layers are identical to traditional gloss finish
    - More Durable than traditional finishes
    - No Wax, Polishes, Sealers – these can damage the finish.
    - Improper care can cause shiny or bright spots, these cannot be removed mechanically
    (e.g., by polishing)
    - Damage can only be repaired by reapplying Matte Clearcoat
    - Blending and spot repairs generally result in unacceptable appearance, so Matte Clearcoat
    must be applied edge-to-edge on the affected panel(s)
    Routine Washing
    - Wash Magno Matte paint by hand only
    - An automatic car wash can cause uneven shiny spots
    - For routine washing, use Mercedes-Benz Car Shampoo (Part# A001 986 41 71 10) or
    other mild soap
    - Use only a soft clean sponge or microfiber cloth
    - Always use plenty of water.
    - Avoid washing in direct sunlight or when paintwork is warm
    - Dry vehicle using a Chamois or microfiber cloth to avoid water spots

    Difficult Soils
    - Pre-soak difficult soils to loosen and soften
    - A soft bristle toothbrush can be used gently if necessary
    - A pressure washer can help remove stubborn soils
    - Remove insects with Mercedes-Benz Insect Remover (Part# A002 986 11 71 11)
    - Remove Tar and Tar Stains with Mercedes-Benz Tar Remover (Part# A001 986 40 71)
    - Use VM&P Naphtha to remove tree resins, fuel stains and other difficult soils
    (Commercially available at hardware and paint stores as a type of paint thinner)
    - Use Silicone Remover for waxes, oils and greases (Commercially available at auto body
    paint stores)
    No other products should be used on Magno Matte Paint

    - Never rub or scrub the paint surface
    - Avoid Paint cleaners and harsh detergents
    - Remove any contaminants immediately
    - Use care to keep oils and greases off the finish
    - Never allow adhesive stickers, tape or magnets on the finish
    - Avoid brushes, terrycloth, wash mitts or other rough items.
    - Never use car wax, car polish, or paint sealant
    - Never use rubbing compound, clay bar, sandpaper or any abrasive items
    - Never perform any polishing or other mechanical operations
    - Be sure to address any soiling or paint faults promptly to avoid damage
    - Use approved fender covers, and don’t allow them to rub or move against the paint
    - Avoid letting anything touch the paint – colleagues, clothing, papers, etc.

    Paint Touch-up Sticks
    - Magno Cashmere White (Part# A000 986 26 50 0049)
  2. durabio

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    Lol, basically it says don't ever drive it.
  3. kakeuter

    kakeuter DB Forum Supporter

    Good info, thank you. Swissvax Opaque products are good for matte finishes as well.

  4. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    I would have a mental breakdown.
  5. Misha

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    collonite 476 seem to work on mate finishes as well. tried it on old truck that was painted with mate paint and it gave it little darker look but no gloss
  6. pirex

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  7. WashingJosh

    WashingJosh Jedi Nuba

    It would probably be easier to just buy a car with traditional paint, then get it wrapped in a matte finish.
    Btw, the C63 is a hot car.
  8. Akustic

    Akustic Virgin Detailer

    +1 Swissvax Opaque
  9. dfazekas

    dfazekas Birth of a Detailer

    I don't understand why someone wouldn't just wrap their vehicle if they wanted a matt finish.
    A real matte paint job is too much of a pain to have on a vehicle that you care about...
    Now on something like a ratt rod, that I can understand.
  10. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    Would 845 work if I applied it and took it off real fast
  11. Misha

    Misha Nuba Guru

    you guys thought caring for black car was pita. this seem even more pita. what about mate wax from svisswax or collonite 476?
  12. Thirtysixspokes

    Thirtysixspokes Virgin Detailer

    The owner of the BMW dealership I work at has the Frozen Black M3 and wanted to get it ready for an upcoming show, but the car had the worst water spots baked into the paint from sitting around outside everyday, getting blasted with the sprinklers then baking in the sun. BMW NA was no help, so I messed around with a few things and finally settled on Windex streak free and a microfiber towel. Soaked each panel for a little and rubbed with low-medium pressure. Gave it one last wash/degrease and hit it with 4 coats of Swissvax Opaque. It's been about 2 months and the water still beads up nicely. Also, without a doubt the best smelling wax of all time. The flat finishes definitely suck if you don't take care of them.
  13. Bmer89

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    I was trained for matte finishes when I worked for Mercedes. Way too much of a hassle to be worth owning one. The technology is pretty interesting though
  14. drew935

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    Mercs list is crazy. Oh well, good to know

    Scholls No gloss products looks good. Yes Collinite 845 does work.
    I applied it on a set of new wheels, just the inner barrels which have no clear and it kept the look non shiny.

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