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  1. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thinking about get a polisher and have a question of what polishes to get. Im thinking of the following:

    Menzerna Power Gloss Compound (32oz)
    Menzerna Super Intensive Polish PO83 (32oz)
    Menzerna Super Finish (32oz)
    Menzerna Power Lock Sealant (32oz)

    Meguiars M105
    Meguairs M205

    I know the Menzerna setup is going to be more costly but if its worth it I am willing to spend the extra cash. Any ideas?

  2. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Just get Megs 105 for compounding, Menz PowerFinish for polishing and Menz 85rd for jeweling ( final polishing ). Powerlock is a great sealant as well. Keep it simple.

    IOMCAMARO DB Forum Supporter

    I'd forget the Power Gloss since you're getting M105. I'd also forget M205 and just use Menzerna Super Finish to finish it up or get Power Finish.

    I'm with the Canadian above. :mounty:
  4. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I think you read the O.P wrong im not getting the M105 or Powergloss I am asking on out of the two what I should get.
  5. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Is Powerlock basically equivalent to a application of Wax?

    IOMCAMARO DB Forum Supporter

    I knew what you meant. :) I was just suggesting what I'd get and forget. Powerlock is a sealant, but yes it does exactly what a wax does. It is just more durable and easier to use.
  7. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    By choosing either the Megs combo or Menz combo, you are selling yourself short. Neither combo is perfect but a combination of them with yield excellent results
  8. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    Excellent results with the combo Ken suggested. :thumb:
  9. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

  10. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    What is the better product of of these two: I am thinking the S4000 is better since it covers more circumstances when you look at the Menzerna chart (black dots)?

    SF 4000 - SuperFinish PO106FA
    SF 4500 - SuperFinish PO85RD

    For Compounding is M105 a better choice than Power Gloss?

  11. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    In theory, you are correct. In the real world, not so much. As Power Finish has more cut than 106, is able to clean up any hazing left by M105 or Power Gloss, and it finishes down VERY nicely, 106FA becomes a mute point. Power Finish can take care of pretty much anything between 105 and 85rd given the proper pad choice whereas 106 will only get rid of very light marring. As far as compounding, yes, 105 is a better choice.
  12. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    So I got this down right. You recommend the following:

    M105 (Compound)
    Super Intensive Polish (Polish)
    Power Finish (Finishing)
    Power Lock (Protection)
  13. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Phil recommends Super Finish and Super Intensive Polish as you can see and whatever compounding product power gloss or M105. Confusing stuff as you've been on the forums for a while and say that Super Finish isn't that great but when you look at those pics the results are great,
  14. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    I didn't say it wasn't great. What I said was that 106FA has very limited cut so you may as well get Power Finish which has more cut and finishes down very nicely so its a more useful polish. You can then follow it up with 85rd if you want to amp up the gloss. The reason I take Power Finish over SIP is because you can get very good correction with Power Finish and it finishes down nice enough to straight to LSP. SIP doesn't finish down as nicely. All you need for most situations are three products....

    Compounding - M105
    Polishing - SIP or Power Finish
    Finishing - 106FA or 85RD
    Sealant - Powerlock

  15. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    Everyone is going to give you a different answer on what polishes are absolutely necessary.

    Ken (911Fanatic) is giving you solid advice based on all his years of experience. Just because Phil recommended something different doesn't mean Ken is wrong. It all depends on the type of paint you are trying to correct and the level of improvement you are trying to achieve. Ken and Phil might not be dealing with the same types of paint.
  16. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Power Finish a finishing product and not a polishing product? How does it compare to SIP? For finishing you recommend 106FA and 85RD which is SF4000 and SF4500? I thought you were saying earlier that Super Finish is pretty much a pointless product because Power Finish has more cut and Super Finish is only good for light marring. So why did you recommend Super Finish as a Finishing Product? A bit lost here lol sorry. I basically am set on what Sealing and Compounding product to get its the Polishing and finshing product that's got me confused.

    I was browsing other detailing forums how are people get outstanding results with just M105 and M205 (this method requires less purchases/money and time) versus this method as I am spending more (not an issue) and is a longer process
  17. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    For simplicity's sake, yes, Meguiars 105 and Meguiars 205 can do some really nice correction and finishing. If this is what you want to keep it even more simple, yes, it would work great on most paint. What kind/s of paint are you planning to use these products on?

    Are you using a machine to correct and if so, what machine, and what type/s of pads (brand helps here too). Have you used a machine to correct and polish before ? How long have you been doing it? Rotary experience?

    Are you going to just take care of your personal vehicles, or are you going to start a business?

    Im thinking if you are just doing your personal vehicles, family, etc., you probably dont need 32 oz of each anyway. So, which is it? Personal/family vehicles, or starting a business?

    If you decide on purchasing Meguiars 105, we need to talk further about how to use it; it has its own way of working that is nothing like Meguiars 205 works.. Let us know..

    Good luck with your project !
    Dan F
  18. UR2SLO

    UR2SLO Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Read quote above (answers in red)
  19. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    UR2SLO - is this your license plate ? Nice !!! :)

    Ok, looks like you have 2 cars with harder paint (Mercedes and Porsche) and 2 with softer paint Nissan, Honda) - the Honda having the softest paint.

    I cant find the Griot's Uber Kit here on Phil's site - I only found this one - Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher Base Kit = $169.95, or less if pre-ordered, comes with polisher, backing plate and 5 Uber foam pads, is this the one ?

    Have you decided which color pads to get for the 5 that come with this kit ? You can choose any number of any of the available colors.. Do you want us to help you decide?

    32 oz is great then ! You will have plenty of both products to last you and your family and friend's vehicles for a long time.

    The Menzerna 105 Compound is a great product and so is the Menzerna POS34A PowerGloss compound.

    I have used both, and found that Meguiars 105, while a little finicky to use at the start, works great, finishes down really nicely even with purple foam wool pads on soft paint (Jet Black Lexus).

    Meguiars 205 is a really nice polishing compound that works so easy, has great correction and finishing qualities for what it is, and is a sweetheart of a product.

    Menzerna PowerGloss also works great, but a lot of people complain that it makes a lot of dust when done. This just means that it requires a little clean up of this dusting, before you can go on to the polishing/finishing stage.

    Meguiars 105 will also dust, but for me on a Rotary, i dont really have this issue very much.

    Meguiars 105 seems to want to start and stop quickly as it dries quickly, so you have to keep a spray bottle of water, QD, etc., to keep it a little moist when it gets this way,and it will settle down and do the work, and work very nicely.

    Welcome to this website and to the awesome world of Detailing ! :) You are going to have a great experience with your new machine and products !

    Let us know what else we can do to help !

    Dan F
  20. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    You are making this way too complicated. I'm trying to keep this simple for you. As Gdal said, I am giving you recommendations based on my 20 years of experience. Here is what I would do if all you are doing is yours and friends cars. Get some M105 for compounding. If you get Power Finish, you can use it with Uber Yellow or Uber Green for polishing and with the black if you'd like for removing very light swirls. Thats all you need. For daily drivers, the added gloss afforded by 106 or 85rd and the time required to administer them simply aren't worth it and most people wouldn't notice the difference. If you use 205, a lot of times you will have to follow it with a finer polish as it doesn't always finish down well. Get the two polishes for now and get used to them. If you still feel the need to get a finishing polish, you can always order it.

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