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  1. jetblackZ4

    jetblackZ4 Birth of a Detailer

    I've been using Menzerna IP and Micro Polish. The Micro doesn't dust much but the IP sure does. How does the IP compare with the SIP as far as dusting is concerned?
    Thanks, G
  2. Al-53

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    To reduce any dusting use a few dots of Opt cuts dusting right down...some use RMG ..but to me its a different type oil in RMG than in Menz so it may hinder some of the performance and also create a filling effect...RMG will seperate from its oils and menz will not thats what brings me to think that the lube in RMG may not be the best to use...

  3. reefer_bob

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    What's your envrionment like? If it's too warm, or your pad is too loaded up, IP will dust a lot. If it's cooler, I've never had an issue.

    How long are you working it?
  4. Dream Machines

    Dream Machines Jedi Nuba

    You don't want to add any Optimum polish to Menzerna, the two do not go together
    While you will see that the Menzerna is spreading, within the usual time, the Menzerna has finished up and dried while the Optimum is still going (makes you think all is ok)

    You go to wipe it all off and there are holograms and balls of dried up menzerna and its real hard to get off

    IP 91L dusts alot and you need some glycerin to cut that down
    SIP is almost dustless due to it's different makeup with more white parrafin mineral oil lubricants

    91L has more cut than SIP though
  5. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    never happened yet...i use 1-2 small pea size about 4 globs of menz and it does well...never had the problems you described ever...

  6. jetblackZ4

    jetblackZ4 Birth of a Detailer

    So far I've used it in my garage and also in a friends garage on 3 different vehicles. Temps range from mid 50's F to high 60's F so not really too hot or cold. I don't think I'm using too much. Usually 2 to 4 pea sized spots for about a 2 sq foot area and prime my pad periodically. I work it until it starts to dust and then a little bit beyond.
    I expected it to dust and just wondered how it compared to SIP. I thought they were the same cut but in theory the SIP was for Ceramicoat clear. But I didn't know if it dusted as much.
    Thanks for the other responses too. When I use up the IP, I think I'll try the SIP.
    Cheers, G
  7. budman3

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    What machine are you using???

    I haven't tried the SIP yet, it's on my list. IP is a nice product with a rotary works best with it. Infact I don't have any issues using it with a rotary but when I use it was an orbital, it has hissy fits... dusting up instantly, not breaking down, not correcting, etc. PITA. There are better products than IP to use with a PC or UDM, IMO.
  8. jetblackZ4

    jetblackZ4 Birth of a Detailer

    Budman3, I'm using a UDM. I have had success with IP correcting swirls and light scratches but it does take some time and I know more aggresive machines would be faster/better. The relative hardness of the clear affects my level of correction too. I'm relatively new at this and I'm learning about different types of clear etc. I already know from experience that Honda is pretty soft. Subaru seems harder to me. I have worked on a repaint and it seemed very soft. Obviously each make is a little different.
    Thanks for your coments too, G
  9. Dream Machines

    Dream Machines Jedi Nuba

    Yeah, most likely your amount AL is safe
    I was like 50/50 so thats why

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