Meguiars M101 compound

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    Formulated and marketed to European and other markets(ie. we wont get this legally) because of allowable amounts and types of chemicals used in it. Same family of abrasives though. Great stuff.
  3. Misha

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    so we have to get it like ricardo clay ha
  4. boredstudent3

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    i read the thread the other day and realized it wasn't talked about on DB yet.

    there is a reply from a Meg's rep in that thread and he basically said that the product was developed for a specific type of paint in the European market.

    they sent a rep with a lab kit to Europe to develop the product and have no immediate intentions to bring it the the NA market.
  5. Misha

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    of course we get jack and europe get nice stuff. not complaining about M105 at all but would be nice to have other stuff
  6. HeavyD

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    LOL aaahhh sweet sweet politics.
  7. armenakadino

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    what is going on with that riccardo clay patent shouldnt that be expiring soon
  8. Misha

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    they will change it a little and make new pattent that you cant sell it here
  9. Misha

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    here is reply from megs that was posted on other forum
    Re: New M101 Compound??????????
    OK, we'll try to distill down the discussions that have taken place on other forums after some folks managed to obtain this European only formula here in the USA.

    This is the first product that Meguiar's actually developed outside the US. It was still created by our chemists here in Irvine, CA, but we actually shipped our lead man for the project to Europe, along with a mini lab set up, so that he could quickly respond to testing and inputs and tweak the formula as needed. Pretty cool stuff, actually.
    What is M101 designed for? Rotary buffing with a dedicated foam pad on European aftermarket (ie, body shop) paint.
    Why "European" aftermarket paint? Because, unlike factory paint which is the same whether the car is sold in Europe, North America or Asia, aftermarket paints vary in different parts of the world. It's a high solids versus low solids situation with these different paints, and that can require different compound formulations to achieve maximum results. Oh, and for the record, factory paint is vastly different from a chemistry standpoint than the paint used in a body shop. If a body shop, whether in Europe or North America, were to shoot factory paint it would virtually never cure due to a body shops inability to bake it at sufficient heat and for sufficient time. It's just not economically feasible for a body shop to have that sort of equipment.
    Why "dedicated foam pad"? While use of a wool pad is commonplace here in the US for sanding mark and swirl removal, in European body shops they almost never use wool. And rarely do they compound the entire vehicle - it's mostly spot repair following a repaint, and it's almost always with a foam pad. They also tend to run the rotary at fairly low rpm. So we've developed a dedicated foam pad to use with this compound, taking into account the cultural toward low speed rotary and anti wool bias.
    Why did we send a chemist and mini lab to Europe? Lead time, really. Imagine if we sent product over there, had it tested, then had to tweak and send a new batch across the pond, repeat, repeat, repeat? It would have taken months. And we couldn't do the testing here because the aftermarket paint used in Europe is very different from that used here, due to environmental regulations.
    So basically what we have here is a product developed for a very specific type of paint system and a pretty specific work flow. That a handful of guys have imported this back to the US (it is made domestically, just like all the rest of our products) and are finding success with it using either wool or microfiber pads is interesting, to say the least. At the moment we have no solid plans to introduce this product to the US market.
    Michael Stoops
    Internet Technical Specialist | Meguiar's Inc.
    (800) 854-8073 xt 3875
  10. HeavyD

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    It sounds like a great product ,it would most likely be great for standard paints.
  11. Paul S

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    I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the m101 and see it put to the test.It is fantastic on OEM paints. I was impressed with the long working time over 105 and other products we compared it to. Out of the three people in attendance counting myself , I was the least experienced of the bunch but all of us came away impressed. This session included both da and rotary trials with m/f and foam pads alike.Side by side trials were done using two rotaries at the same time comparing 105 to 101 w/lc hydro cutting pads and 101 corrected IMO faster ,worked longer with only a minimal amount more surface removed according to the paint gauge. We can only hope that eventually Meguiars will bring it to the USA market.
  12. Stokdgs

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    Thanks Paul S., for posting your conclusions here.

    The part that I had not read before was --"with only a minimal amount more surface removed according to the paint gauge" comment you made.

    This sounds perfectly normal for a product that would be used on an Assembly Line to smooth out new paint, for whatever criteria.

    I am sure that every Detailer or Car Crazy person in the world could figure out how to adjust to use this product safely, so I am not sure what the hold up to sell to the USA is. And think - no International Shipping/Customs, etc., charges to have to inhale. ! :)

    I wish that Meguiars would just come out and acknowledge the huge amount of interest from both Professionals and Hobbyists, and tell us something positive about selling it to us...

    Heck, Menzerna figured this out years ago, and started selling their Assembly Line compounds to the US. And look how well that worked !

    Dan F
  13. Misha

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    now so maguiars cant sell it here like ricardo cant sell clay here but what if we order stuff from overseas like carnubawax shop or similar are they allowed to ship it here or patents BS again?
  14. Socal Brian

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    I think you'll have no problem obtaining it from an overseas vendor
  15. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Yes, I believe I read people buying it or pricing it and it was 250 pounds ? and something like 10-11 Euros for shipping??

    Did I dream this ??

    Dan F
  16. mike aesthetica

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    Are you guys that disappointed with M105 and D300 to moderate it?
  17. Stokdgs

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    Cant say I'm disappointed with M105, have been using it very successfully for years since it first came out. You just have to get it back to work after it initially starts to dry, with a little spritz of water, back down the rpm of the Rotary, balance whatever you need to do to get longer working times, so it can finish down..

    Have not tried the D300/microfiber pads routine yet...

    Perhaps the attraction to MegsD101 is that its used with Foam which probably the majority of us already have in large numbers ..

    If there is a new/er product that can work easier than M105 and finish down better than M105 + faster, I would also be very glad to try it. Of course I may not always need it and indeed I probably wont, but when the need does present itself, It is very nice to have more options, isn't it ? :)

    Now, the ambulance company that paints and compounds ambulances day and and day out, and the body shops, etc., would all jump on something like this to finish out new paint, which is what this product was designed for if I read the Stoops comments correctly..

    But perhaps only if they could use wool/wool mixture big pads, eh ?? :)

    Dan F
  18. C. Charles Hahn

    C. Charles Hahn Virgin Detailer

    Not true; it is globally VOC compliant:


    Heh... from what I've found, good luck finding it in stock right now. Within the last week people have been after this stuff like crazy.
  19. mike aesthetica

    mike aesthetica Jedi Nuba

    Well shoot, I have been misinformed. I will see what I can do about maybe finding this myself :D. Thanks C
  20. RaskyR1

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    Not at all! D300/M105 will remain my go to cutting compounds for the majority of the jobs I see. However, I will keep some M101 on hand for those rock hard clear jobs and wet sanding. ;)


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