Making my own website...not sure where to start.

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Kaban, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Kaban

    Kaban Welcome to Detailing

    Hi guys,

    I noticed many here have their own website. Even the "weekend warriors" who work full time during the week and like to detail on the weekends.

    I have always been interested in making my own website, but I honestly don't know where to begin.

    Can anybody talk about where/how to make one? What kind of costs are involved in setting up your site and how much does it cost to keep it running?

    I am talking about a very simple site that would have an intro page and a few tabs at the top, for example a tab for a gallery page, a tab for contact info, and a tab for pricing. Nothing fancy.

    Any help is appreciated guys.
  2. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    I made my own website, it's not very good (it gets the job done) but look at youtube. You won't spend as much money as you think.


    Wordpress is a awesome tool, simple when you want it to be and powerful if you know how to program.
  3. kyoshiro

    kyoshiro DB Forum Supporter

    Let me know if ya need hosting, still got the server running :)
    you will need to buy your own domain name tho.
  4. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I made mine on ipage was pretty cheap and easy to make. I knew nothing about building a website came out pretty good. I used a drag and drop build was pretty easy todo. If need any help pm me.
  5. 3PedalMINI

    3PedalMINI DB Forum Supporter

    Honestly, Pay to have a simple one done. If its only a few pages it wont be that much. I made 3 websites myself and was really not happy that they always looked "DIY" finally paid to have it done. I get compliments all the time about my website and not having one in this day in age is justabout unheard of. Here is my website Home Theater Springfield, PA and Florence Township, NJ. Installation Of Home Theater Systems in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

    39websites made mine, The owner's name is Mac and he does a phenomenal job. He's in my industry but does alot of work for other industries. He'll step you through his process and then ask you what you want to do, He will then quote you and if your OK with that he'll have you pick out a theme and get going. the whole process can get done pretty quick! 39Websites - Home
  6. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    Thanks for the info I'll look into it. I made mine happy with it but like it to look better.
  7. InsanePaint

    InsanePaint Pro Detailer is where I'm about to build mine! Easy drag & drop setup, reasonable pricing, and phenomenal reviews from nationally accredited researchers. :)
  8. Joseph Villegas

    Joseph Villegas Virgin Detailer

    Kaban, if your interested in a site I can help out. I make websites and have a few detailers I have worked with. Definitely affordable and you get what you pay for. All custom and built to fit your needs. Feel free to PM me
  9. sullysdetailing

    sullysdetailing DB Pro Supporter

    Do you still need a website? I can build you a simple one.

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