Make your own foam cannon

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  1. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    Hah who needs the Tornador!

    Make this instead

  2. TurboJoe

    TurboJoe DB Forum Supporter

    "we're going to use regular dishwashing soap... about 1/2 a cup..." I would sure hope it can create foam using that much soap! The sad thing is, for the price it cost to buy the leaf blower in the first place, he could have just went out and bought a foam gun.. and still had the leaf blower to dry the car off when he was done!
  3. WashingJosh

    WashingJosh Jedi Nuba

    It looked like he blew a condom out of a cd at the end of the video. haha
  4. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    Leaving aside costs, this is actually pretty nifty! I love seeing things like thsi where people just use their head to make something useful. Someone should just go comment and tell him to use car soap when washing his car so as not to remove the wax and protection! :p
  5. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    If he wanted to make it a little better design, he could have tapped the hole. So he could plug it back up whenever he wanted, he could have also make a restrictor nozzle to allow for slower flow of product but for some people it's easier to make money otherways and purchase ready made products.
  6. dschia

    dschia Jedi Nuba

    Interesting idea, but I think he needs to becareful when de-trigger in case water flow back into the blower.

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