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    A great friend of mine picked up a 2018 M3 last year. We finally ironed out some time for me to get my hands on it for some ceramic coating and mild correction.

    Items used.
    Rupes 15
    PC with 3 inch pads
    Sonax Final Finish with white pads
    Spot decontamination with Nanolex clay and spray
    Gyeon Prep
    Scangrip Detail Kit
    Gyeon Syncro
    Nextzett Bug remover
    Sonax Actifoam
    Sonax full effects wheel cleaner
    AmmoNYC Brute wheel cleaner
    AmmoNYC Gellee

    On to the photos


    During correction

    Carbon looking great

    Wheels received Gyeon Cure topped with AMMO Gellee




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