Lowered price: Swissvax Crystal Rock, CG Kore, Dodo Iroku, Raceglaze UK ++

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    Decided to make my thread more clear.

    1) Price are in CND currency. so please convert it. US will be about that, save 20% approx lol!

    2) Shipping for a small package with tracking across Canada is approx. 15$cnd. For USA, it's about 23$cnd. Considering that, I doesn,t make sens to buy 40$ of products just to pay 23$ in shipping.. so please don't waste my time and yours and offer me purchase of at least 100-150 to make it worth it !

    3) I accept paypal payment or money order.

    4) To contact me, you can PM, but I recommand you use our facebook page @ Waxxonspa or by email at info@waxxon.com

    5) I will listen to BEST OFFER, especially if you are interesting in buying MULTIPLE items. If your just looking for a 30$ item and wish to have free shipping, the answer will be no.

    Chemicals products:

    I have about 80 bottles of Sans-Zo ( very good stuff, a local brand in Qu├ębec) and Raceglaze UK (another very neat brand!). All these bottles cost between 15 and 25cnd per bottle.

    I will do 10 bottles for 110$. Want more ? let's work a deal out !



    1x Jet Laq
    2x leather cleaner
    2x wheel sealant
    6x Pre-wax cleaner PRO (250ml)
    5x anti-bacterial cleaner
    8x nano shampoo
    10x wash'n wax
    2x wash 'n wax (500ml)
    7x glass and chrome polish
    4x prewax cleanse ( medium cut)
    9x pre wax cleanser
    6x glue and tar remover
    1x Snow foam (500ml)
    3x prewax cleaner PRO (32oz)

    4x paint sealant
    2x leather cleaner/conditionner

    2x bug and tar remover
    5x cleaner kit ( 2 MF + 8z waterless wash)

    I also have some random bottles.. some are brand new.. some are between 50-100% full. I will gladly throw some for free in every lots.


    I have a dozen of Raceglaze Pre-wax cleanse and I still have some Chemical Guys Blacklight, other CG glaze and Dodo juice lime cleanse. I can also gladly toss them in your wax purchase along with wax applicator and gold microfiber.

    1) Chemical Guys E-zyme sample( I would say its about 15ml, enough to do 1-2 layer)... 20$

    2) Chemical Guys Kore Light sample ( very rare wax, can only be bought in Europe and sell for 2000$) Very nice smell!... 60$

    3) Wolfgang wooden box with certificate.... 30$

    4) Definitive Wax Club edition, limited edition wax, retail for 180, Very similar to their topdog Number one selling for 800$ I believe only 60 jar were made, smell of vanilla/cinamon ! I would say 80% full. ... 100$

    5) This is one jar I don't really wish to sell, but if someone is interesting in buying a few items, I will let it go; Dodo juice Iroku wooden jar with certificate whish allow you to get it refilled from Dodo juice ! ... 60$

    6) Limited edition, Raceglaze Black Label with enhanced 76% carnauba by volume ( just like Swissvax Crystal Rock). I have about 5oz left...... let say 60$/oz

    7) Victoria Wax lots .... All of them for 100$
    - 1x Victoria wax concours 6oz
    - 6x Victoria wax Mayhem/ Chaos 3oz


    8) Raceglaze UK sample lot .... all of them for 150$

    - 5x Raceglaze Carnauba wax polish (retail 25$)
    - 2x Raceglaze Nano-coating paint sealant + primer (retail 60$ each)
    - 16x 15ml sample of 4x4, RG42, RG55 and Wood wax ( which are 2oz)


    9) DP limited edition gingerbread wax 3oz I believe, signed by MAX from Autogeek, #26. .......Asking 35$

    10) Zymol certificate for zymol glasur.. ask for it.

    11) empty bottle of nano-coating, Cquartz UK and Cquart Finest. 5$ each

    12) USB digital microscope to magnifies your defect on the paint, takes cool pictures, have a better idea of the scratch your working on etc.

    they were used once to make sure they were working fine. brand new item.

    Celestron lcd : asking 40$
    Dino-lite AMT411 Pro : asking 200$ (retail for +300$)


    13) I have 3 jar of Swissvax Crystal Rock to let go ( keep in mind each full jar retail for 1500$).

    13.1) Delaminated Swissvax Mystery case... I will give it to the first one who buy a Swissvax jar.

    13.2) 50-60% full. outer jar and lids is cracked but inner jar/lid is 100% sealed. The wax melted during transport so instead of being in a hard form, it has like a soft texture, not pudding-like, but still softer. It smell exactly like Crystal Rock and perform the same.... Bargain at 250$ + Swissvax pouch

    13.3) 60% full. Outer lid is cracked, but inner lid is sealing the jar perfectly + I will include my spare Swissvax Jar so you don't have to worry about it. Wax is in perfect condition. .... Asking 350$ ( I also have a concorso Swissvax certificate if you would like to have it, its free! haha) + Swissvax pouch

    13.4) 45% full. New style jar. Perfect condition. Comes with certificate.... Asking 550$


    Swissvax pre-wax cleaner are sold already
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    I will take the DP Gingerbread and DW Club at asking price...
  3. frankiman

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    thank you, waxes sent!
  4. frankiman

    frankiman Birth of a Detailer

    sold victoria wax and Raceglaze waxes
  5. frankiman

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    BEST OFFER $$$ ??
  6. frankiman

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    Willing to accept a trade for a dewalt rotary ( the new style machine) and maybe some Cquartz Coating. or best offer money !

  7. frankiman

    frankiman Birth of a Detailer

    bump !

    Rupes machine, flex rotary or dewalt rotary or Nano-coating , For trade info.

    If not, paypal. thank you.
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  9. frankiman

    frankiman Birth of a Detailer

    still available, sold the paint gauge tho.

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