Love Sonax Perfect Finish - hate buffing it off

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    ACHTUNG Virgin Detailer

    I love the shine it gives but hate all the work it takes to remove it from the paint once applied...even with a random orbital.
    I even purchased the Surbuf Microfingers buffing pads and I still have to go over the finish by hand with clean microfibers - it doesn't remove all of it.

    So my question is: what do you all recommend polish wise for a car that is detailed 3x/yr, no major surface imperfections, that applies and is removed as easily as say: Menzerna Polish Lok?
  2. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    I believe you're a little confused and your questions are unclear. Polish always has to be buffed clean after it has broken down. It does not offer any protection. If you want to easily remove the polish try spraying the panel with a water/ipa mixture or with a dedicated product like menzerna top inspection or carpro eraser. Also the pad choice should not effect how difficult it is to remove after it has broken down. Hope this helps answer your question.
  3. Mbkite

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    If your working on a Toyota my Avalon didn't like 4/6 perfect Finnish paint ate it.. I went Meg d 300 and 302 I found scholls to work well with paint also. So may be your paint not liking perfect finish.
  4. obsidian LGT

    obsidian LGT Birth of a Detailer

    If it helps, I like to do a quick wipe down on the panel as soon as I put the polisher down, then give it a couple spritzes with eraser, then finish removing it. Once I started doing it that way, I never had any problems getting perfect finish off easily.

    ACHTUNG Virgin Detailer

    Interesting responses thanks!
    This weekend I did a 3-step on my E30 but instead of Perfect Finish, I used Menzerna FG400 (which I realize is a compound) but it does a great job removing any swirls that develop in between details and the paint is mirror like after. It does not require spritzing with water or quick detailer to remove either.
  6. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    You did a 3 step with just fg400 or did you follow up with something else to remove the compound haze and increase the clarity?

    ACHTUNG Virgin Detailer

    Process was like this.
    Clay entire surface - step 1
    FG400 (E30) or Perfect Finish (OP) - step 2 - haze was annoying but removed with just more elbow grease.
    Menzerna Polish Lok - step 3

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