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  1. SpecC

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    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've had to buy new polishes. Doing one or two paint corrections a year really makes those quarts last. Looking at what everyone seems to be using now, I'd love some insight on what may be better now from two or three years ago, the last time I bought new polish.

    In any case, here's what I have now and my thoughts.

    Meguiar's M105
    Meguiar's M205

    I love these, and I would buy them again any day. M205 is a bit unnecessary when I have PO203S though. I do like best how quickly they work and the versatility of cut property for non diminishing polishes. San Francisco's moist air hasn't given me any problems with them drying up. When it does dry up, it's more likely my pads than anything else. I typically use M105 on DD's yellow pads, sometimes the green just because it's softer and easier to handle. I use M205 with the green and the blue. Is there another compound polish out there that some people feel is better than M105? I know Power Gloss got a new formula a while ago.

    Menz PO203S

    This has been my favorite polish since I got it. I like how well it cuts and how well it finishes. The only nit picky thing I'd have against this is that the working time is quite long, and the next step, PO85RD, takes an eternity. Is there anything similar to PO203S out there now or something even better?

    Menz PO85RD

    Not a big fan of this one. The working time is back breaking, and the pay off isn't quite as awesome as I'd like it to be. I had been looking to grab some 3M Ultrafina for a long time. Is there something different out there in terms of finishing polish today? I know it was discussed that Ultrafina had more cut and finishes just as well as PO85RD with a shorter working time too. I've looked into PO106FA, but I'd much rather grab something like PO203S if I wanted any cut.

    I've tried Menz Super Intensive Polish too. I just completely abandoned it after using Power Finish, PO203S.

    Edit: This is on a rotary by the way.

    Slightly off topic, but what is the difference between polishes made for DA and polishes made for rotaries?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. piginapoke

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    Personally I have had great results with D300 and a small dab of 105 on a MF pad. I have to many polishes as it is and like you 2-4 cars a year, I do not use that much and get to try new products every month. I would PM Phil :thumb: I also has great results with PF2500 does not seem to cut as much as the d300/105 combo, but finishes as well or better.
  3. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I use D300 and Menz FG400 both work great.
  4. Frankastic

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    FG400 finishes like powerfinish and cuts like D300 IME
  5. SpecC

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    How's the working time on D300 vs FG400?
  6. dschia

    dschia Jedi Nuba

    If you like PO203, then FG400 imo is a must try. It cuts great, non finicky and finishes exceptionally well for a compound.
  7. 604_Snooze

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    You might want to try Menz FG400 or Carpro fixer
  8. Holden

    Holden DB Forum Supporter

    Second this, can anyone chime in?
  9. dschia

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    Both polishes have different work method so will be difficult to compare. Generally, FG400 appear to have longer work time, but a once pad use with d300 gets saturated, the work time is insanely long.. Since you have tried m205 and PO203 before, I would say FG400 work time is slightly shorter than PO203 just like how PO203 work time is slightly shorter than 85RD. D300 works a bit like m205 but because D300 has a thicker consistency than m205, it is easy to say one has longer work time over the other when you use excess in any..
  10. SpecC

    SpecC Wax on..Wax off

    Thank you for this. This is extremely helpful.

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