Looking for advice - new car with possible paint defect

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  1. Mike1082

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    Hello all. New member here, though I have lurked for a while. I would call myself a detailing "enthusiast", but I am by no means a professional. I have yet to do anything to screw up anyone's paint (my own included) but I do have the tools necessary to do so.

    Last week I purchased my first new car, a 2015 VW GTI SE w/ Performance Package. Like many here would do, I asked to not have the dealership detailer touch the car, and brought it home to care for the paint myself. Over the past weekend, I had a few hours to myself (not enough time for a proper detail and protection, but enough for a good wash).

    First step was a foam bath. Used Adams shampoo (the older red one, trying to use this up before I order the new formula). I have an AR 383 pressure washer and an MTM Hydro foam cannon. Used the foam as extra lubrication to do my 2 bucket wash with a MF chenille mit. As you can see, my driveway is nice and shaded, provided I get up early and get to it.

    Even though I was very short on time, I couldn't leave it unprotected. Lucky for me, I was able to attend the Adam's Polishes Detailing Clinic held at Detailer's Domain a few weeks back. During that event, I was introduced to Adams H2O Guard & Gloss. Dried the car while protecting it at the same time, a true time saver.

    Went around the car to check my work, and I was really pleased with the shine. The color is called Carbon Steel Metallic. It wasn't my first color choice, but I am really happy with it.

    Then I noticed this on the drivers door...

    It is really difficult for me to tell if this is on or under the clear coat. When the car is just a little dirty/dusty with pollen, you can barely see it at all. When the car is just washed, you have to catch it just at the right angle to see it. Running my fingers gently over it, I cant feel anything (though I didn't see it until I had already applied the H2O).

    Here is another shot that you can see the "stain". Look just below the drivers door handle.

    I have searched and scrolled through images of paint defects, and I have yet to come across one that looks like this. I would prefer to hear a few opinions before putting a machine to the paint to try and polish or compound this out. I might be better off just taking it back to the dealer and asking what they can do.

    Has anyone seen a defect like this before? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. Meticulous-Detail

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    Take it back to the dealer, it's under warranty. I have a few friends that have had problems with their paint on their brand new VW's also.
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  3. Mike1082

    Mike1082 New Member

    Thanks for the response. I made an appointment to have the service manager look at the car this afternoon.
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  4. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    Yes ... take it to the dealership. Let us know the outcome.
  5. Mike1082

    Mike1082 New Member

    Thanks for the input guys. Took it to the dealer yesterday afternoon. The service manager had a look, and was as unsure about it as I was. He is going to have a regional rep come and have a look. Sounds like they are going to take care of it under warranty, but I won't know anything for sure until the rep has a look.
  6. TFTADetail

    TFTADetail New Member

    It seems quite a few car manufacturers are having problems with the factory paint finish. Chrysler & BMW have been the common makes that I have dealt with.

    I went with a client of mine to inspect a X5-M before taking delivery. Paint thickness gauge showed heavy paint on the hood. The car was in the showroom for the inspection. The dealer finally came clean and said the hood had been repainted. Just goes to show the paint defects come in all variances.

    Sounds like OP has things under control. Please keep us informed of the outcome.
  7. Mike1082

    Mike1082 New Member

    Went to a local body shop this morning that works with my dealer (Classic Auto Body in Paterson NJ). Obviously the car is covered in pollen, so I brought a bottle of homemade detail spray (ONR diluted with distilled water) and a clean MF towel. I had used this when I brought it to the dealer to give the area a gentle wipe down, otherwise it is nearly impossible to see the defect. However, this morning, the light just was not right, and the body shop guy had a hard time seeing the issue (as did I, admittedly). After grabbing his light, he was able to detect some inconsistencies in the metallic flake. He said it seemed as though a shot of air had hit the panel while being sprayed, and pushed the paint out a bit. (Perhaps a gun ran out of paint while the panel was being sprayed? No idea, this is just my uneducated guess). It is definitely in the base coat, and cannot be polished out. He told me that they would need to paint the 2 left doors, doing a blend mid front door and mid rear door. He seemed confident enough that they could take care of it and make it look great.

    He also informed me that in many cases, the manufacturer would deem this type of defect as "acceptable", and I might have to be very persistent if I want it to be covered under warranty. I guess I can understand that, because unless it was freshly washed and waxed, it is hard to detect. For me though, putting several hours every weekend into keeping it clean means I want this taken care of. Especially considering it is on the drivers door, and I will have to see it every time I get into the car.
  8. MarcusYang

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