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  1. rucdn

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    My parents live near Barrie, Ontario and my mom just took over a 2005 Camry from my dad. I sometimes wonder if I was adopted because my dad and I have very different viewpoints on how to take care of a car. His idea of washing it is taking it to the hand wash and do the whole car for $2.00. :badidea:
    This of course, has left the car with a certian amount of swirling on the paint. My mom would like to have it fixed up so she can enjoy it more - she will take better care of it.
    I would do it myself but I'm in Calgary, Alberta and don't get home often enough.

    So I'm looking for a detailer near Barrie, Ontario that can actually polish out the swirling and not just cover them up. Any recommendations??
  2. Calgarydetail

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    so are you orginaly fro berrie> i have lots of relatives there... nice little town....

    sorry i acnt help with a detailer...
  3. Nica

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    Detailer you say, where is richy from again? I know there is a person in toronto who's got a good reputation GTA is his website his name is Kevin, I've spoke to him once or twice. Very nice person and like I said he's got qutie the reputation on detailing in Toronto, not sure if this helps but you could look him up and see where exactly hes located.

    Hope this helps.
  4. richy

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    I'm from Windsor which is like 5 hours from Barrie. The guy in T.O. has a company called GTA in detail I believe. If you check Autopia, he's on there a lot. Do a search for GTA and you'll find him I'm sure. Probably not worth your while to come down my way unless you want to go stateside.
  5. detailersdomain

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    GTA rocks they do some amazing work, the guy who owns it is Kevin.
  6. rucdn

    rucdn Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks everyone. I've seen the posting by "GTA" and no doubt they are impressive. I was just hoping to find something in Barrie as my mom isn't wild about driving to Toronto. My search continues.....thanks again.
  7. m4gician

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    I wouldn't mind, I'm in Vaughan which is north of TOronto, South of Barrie. It'd have to be a mobile detail in the spring though, I don't have a lease on a garage or anything, but I do have some 106ff I wanna let loose.
  8. rucdn

    rucdn Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks m4gician. I'll discuss that with my parents to make sure they are still interested in having it done and will let you know!

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