Leather cleaner question.

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    Good evening! Will have a 2006 (?) Honda Odyssey interior detail coming in a few weeks. This is the worst looking seat...

    I usually just use dawn dish soap mixed with hot water to do interiors. No steamer and a simple shop vac is all I use. What do you think would work well?? Thank you!!

  2. okay65829

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    Most automotive leather is coated so you're cleaning the costing not the actual leather. So using an APC is your best bet. The 3 that I like the best are meguiars APC diluted 10:1 for interiors or meguiars super degreaser diluted 10:1 for interiors. But my absolute favorite is 1Z deep plastic cleaner! Make sure to agitate with a soft brush and the. Wipe off the excess residue with a microfiber towel and done! Good luck.
  3. blkSRT

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    I'd also recommend 1Z deep plastic cleaner.

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    Sounds good! Just ordered some and will see how it does.

    Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!


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