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    Hey folks!

    Can't believe the year is almost over and it's been one year since nextzett began operations. We've brought back most of the einszett product range into production. By end of month/first week in January, we will be adding Anti-Frost Winter Washer Fluid Concentrate and De-Icer "Eistau" back in stock.

    It's taken awhile to get these two back into production and we're sorry we are late. We know many of you have relied on them during the winter months. Going forward we will have them available year-round like we have in prior years.

    We've also received a lot of questions about the availability of Klima-Cleaner (Professinal and ETU). Unfortunately a supplier for a key ingredient has been unable to supply us and has been the cause of the delay. It was supposed to be back by end of December but it seems it will be pushed out at least two more months. We should have them back in time for spring. We're sorry for this and wish I had better news to tell you. But we're working on it and will get them back as soon as we can.

    For now, here are upcoming products:

    Anti-Frost Washer Fluid Concentrate[​IMG]
    • De-ices frost and ice; Prevents re-icing
    • Glare-free, smear-free
    • Does not cause stress corrosion cracking in nozzles or plastic headlight lenses
    • Doesn't contain ammonia or toxic methanol
    • Safe on paint, metal, plastic headlights and rubber
    • Compatible with nextzett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate and other branded products

    Here's the dilution table

    Anti-Frost + Water = Temperature Protection
    [​IMG] (Pure)
    -76o F;
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] (1:1)
    -6o F; [​IMG] + [​IMG][​IMG] (1:2) 14o F; [​IMG] + [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] (1:3) 20o F

    De-Icer "Eistau"[​IMG]
    • Makes removing ice and frost easier
    • Glare-free, smear-free
    • Makes scrapping thick ice easier
    • Won't harm paint, chrome or rubber trim
    • Doesn't contain toxic methanol

    CleanFresh Universal Cleaner/Odor Remover[​IMG]

    CleanFresh is our new ready to use cleaner with odor absorber. It can be used to clean imitation leather, plastic, glass, cotton fibers, textiles, tiles, ceramics, enamel, painted surfaces, concrete floors, walls, wood, doors and more. Has great dirt and grease releasing cleaning power. Also removes nicotine filming and dried-on, encrusted grime. The odor absorbents capture odors and decompose them by biological means leaving a clean, fresh scent.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!
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    thanks Mike for sharing these products are amazing!

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