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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by kyoshiro, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. kyoshiro

    kyoshiro DB Forum Supporter

    2013-01-10 23.16.33.jpg

    Audio Equipment!
  2. nyrep1

    nyrep1 Obsessive Detailer

    expensive hobby ...i got away from it some years ago but am itching to get back in
  3. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    try shooting, now its been demonized and the prices of ammo have gone up 150% in some cases..........
  4. 3PedalMINI

    3PedalMINI DB Forum Supporter

    Im an AV guy and get to play with all of this fun stuff daily but dont have one for my self. When i get my self a house i plan on dedicating a listening room and getting some Mac Gear. Congrats its a very expensive but audio rewarding hoby!
  5. SRT8Spartan

    SRT8Spartan DB Forum Supporter

    easily a very expensive hobby like others have said. Ive actually been want to get into it lately here but money just isnt there to go for it.
  6. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    macintosh for the win !
  7. kyoshiro

    kyoshiro DB Forum Supporter

    At least I'm only focusing on my headphone audio equipment for now due to limited space lolololol
    but even though its headphones, it has already exceeded 1k :)

    my main setup:
    Onkyo SE-300 Soundcard --> some beefy fiber optic --> Schiit Bifrost DAC --> Oyaide Across 750 RCA with rhodium plated plugs --> Schiit Lyr --> HD600 /w Cardas Cable / AKG Q701 / Hifiman HE-400 (depending on mood)

    but I also have a stash of in ears and portable amps and other DACs... gets so darn expensive
  8. MelF1fan

    MelF1fan Birth of a Detailer

    Agree!!.... wait.. or do you mean MCintosh ?
  9. Kaban

    Kaban Welcome to Detailing

    I just got into guns last years...mainly for hunting.... but what the hell is going on with the ammo these days? All the local stores barely have it on the shelves and to order online its all on backorder. I have been waiting over a month on my order for ammo and still no word...
  10. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    LOL ! Yes, I meant the best sounding equipment ever - McIntosh !!!!
  11. froboy272

    froboy272 Obsessive Detailer

    nice setup! I'm currently deciding if I should do the Lawton conversion to my Denon D7000's ..... so damn expensive.
  12. Beachzone

    Beachzone Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Welcome to the club! Government took it all before we could get ours!


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