Langka vs Dr. ColorChip - Rock Chip Repair

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  1. froboy272

    froboy272 Obsessive Detailer

  2. kustomizingkid

    kustomizingkid Nuba Guru

    They are nothing special.... the "magic" in chip repair is proper matching paint!
  3. SpecC

    SpecC Wax on..Wax off

    i have seen dr color chip in use before, and it is a pretty damn convincing product
  4. richy

    richy Guest

    The dr chip looks good. I have used Langka before, it must be really dry or you end up pulling the paint out of the chip.
  5. Nikku

    Nikku Jedi Nuba

    I've used langka( blob eliminator only) as well. I really like the product but as richy said you have to make sure it dries really well before using langka.

    I don't have experience with Dr.Colorchip
  6. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Dr. Colorchip used a solvent like blending solvent used by painters to help blend paint lines on car paint jobs when they have panels near it that were not colored. This solvent thins the paint locally and help blend the colors together. Colorchip used a very solvent to help blend the chip, it has gotten many good reviews. I have had not much luck with Langka, and better luck just cleaning the chip, filling it with touchup paint, wet sanding the blog and cutting/buffing. I have never treid Dr. Colorchip thoguht.
  7. froboy272

    froboy272 Obsessive Detailer

    i feel that the body shop might be the cause for this problem. I had my front bumper re-done after it was hit in a parking lot and ever since then the front of my hood around the grill has been getting the sickest road rash. it drives me crazy and thats why i thought of dr. colorchip b/c it can be spread across road rash.

    I dont have the tools to, or know how to wetsand. I may end up calling phil to see if his shop can fix this without repainting the hood. then i have to drive almost 2 hrs to drop the car off though....
  8. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Hmm, I think I'd like to give the Dr. ColorChip a try, looks pretty promising.
  9. froboy272

    froboy272 Obsessive Detailer

    the idea of spreading paint all over the front of my car makes me nervous though.... i tried to contact a local detailer via pm and they did not seem too interested in taking the rock chip repair job. i'm just really trying to avoid painting the whole hood.
  10. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Yeah I know what you mean... which is why I'm thinking of giving this stuff a try.
  11. froboy272

    froboy272 Obsessive Detailer

    if i knew how to wetsand properly i wouldn't be as worried. but i just dont want to experiment on this type of car.
  12. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Maybe you can snag a scrapped hood or panel from a body shop and practice?
  13. berfles

    berfles Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I know this is two years old, but are there any more up to date opinions on both of these? I thought I was going to get the Dr. ColorChip but most things I read say Langka is better for chips, ColorChip is better for "roadrash". The rest say one works better than the other in everything, and others say neither work. It's annoying trying to find some recent opinions or consistent ones. I guess maybe that's my answer.
  14. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    I have the langka blob eliminator and honestly it did not work for me. I purchases the factory touch up paint from Mercedes and let it dry for a day and then came back with the supplied card and a white t shirt like it said to do in the video. All it did was remove the blob and the paint in the scratch not only that it using the tshirt marred my finish (i was not surprised on that thought). I re did it two more times letting the touch up paint dry for less time and then lastly for more time and still got the same results. Honestly I personally think its a shitty product and should have had autogeek refund me on it. I am going to try Dr. Color Chip in the future. If not just wetsand the blob off with 3000 grit, then polish and protect with Cquartz.
  15. Kaban

    Kaban Welcome to Detailing

    I watched this video on Dr color chip off their website and it's just not making sense to me....

    YouTube - Dr. ColorChip demo on road rash at BMW Oktoberfest 2010

    What is he putting on that napkin when he rubs the excess paint off? How is that liquid able to remove paint around the chip but not the paint inside the chip? It doesn't seem like that would even be possible....
  16. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    I have used Dr Colorchip many times on different vehicles and it flat works if you follow the directions.
    You are going to put on the glove, or get a nitrile glove of your own, apply the supplied paint, wait the time they tell you to in the directions, then take the other bottle and get some of that on a supplied cloth and rub it all around the area you painted on, and it will level the paint blobs, and remove any paint that was smeared onto your existing paint in step-1.

    You dont rub so hard that you remove the paint from the original places you touched up, just go over them gently.
    When this all dries, the newly painted areas will be flat to the surface and will be glossy like the rest of the original paint.
    This is a touch up procedure, not a new paint job, set your expectations accordingly.

    If you want to really be neat and tidy about this and dont have an entire hood, with thousands of paint chips, you can use the supplied brush to fill in each chip carefully,to the top of the chip according to the directions, wait the appropriate time, follow up with the other fluid and it will help the chip repaired paint flow smoothly and the result will be shiny painted areas that before were missing paint.

    If you go to any bodyshop, they will tell you that they use lacquer thinner with the touchup paint that comes from the factory in those little bottles, to help thin the touch up paint, and allow the user to build up layers slowly and help the paint to flow smoothly and hopefully match the rest of the existing paint.
    It is not a perfect science, but having done hundreds of touch ups in my former life with a painter's camels hair sword brush, this is how it is done and how it works the best for me.

    Good luck !
    Dan F
  17. TLMitchell

    TLMitchell Birth of a Detailer

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    Me too!

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  18. berfles

    berfles Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Ok, I guess I'll shift my focus back to Dr. ColorChip then, thanks. I'm going to try it out on my Rabbit first, then if it works well, on my RX-7. Only problem is the Rabbit is white, so it may not work as well.
  19. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Berfles -

    Not sure what you mean - "so it might not work as well" - ?

    It should work as good as it works on any color, not sure what you are referring to.
  20. berfles

    berfles Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I've read numerous things (including something from someone who works for them) that said white is a hard color to touch up because of how easy it is to see the slightest mismatch and the fact that white tends to "yellow" over time.

    He does goes on to say that there have been few complaints about it though.

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