Kwazar double action trigger bottles

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  1. joes58

    joes58 New Member

    I have 16 0.5 liter sprayer and 3 1 liter sprayer. All have been cleaned and tested before posting. I have 2 green, 2 red, and 2 yellow and the rest are blue. All the colored ones are 0.5 liter. The 2 yellow ones have clear bottles. Also have one 1 liter bottle with no trigger and one 1 liter bottle with trigger that is about 50 spray power for some reason. Will throw those in if someone wants them. I also have a brand new 32oz DP Waterless Auto Wash Concentrate. About 25 of the bottle comes premixed in a 1 liter kwazar spray bottle. Would like to sell this all as a package deal, if not i will be selling a minimum of 2. Depending on where ill be shipping to figure on adding at least a couple dollars for shipping. Don't know how to upload pictures but do have some. If you would like a picture let me know and I could probably email them to you. Thanks.
  2. Jzaldivar

    Jzaldivar New Member

    How much??
  3. joes58

    joes58 New Member

    Bump. Sorry forgot I even had this up. If anyone is interested they are still for sale. I'll check this more often.
  4. jdstrd

    jdstrd New Member

    how much shipped to 98685 thanx
  5. joes58

    joes58 New Member

    130 shipped?
  6. joes58

    joes58 New Member

    Still for sale. Forgot I had this post up again! 130 shipped. Thanks
  7. KimJungIllest

    KimJungIllest New Member

    @joes58 still available? also, can you re-explain details of color and condition of them...i couldn't quite understand. thanks
  8. Grindhouse

    Grindhouse New Member

    I would be interest in four of them. 2 yellow ones and one red and one blue. shipped to 80228. My email is:

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