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  1. Deinitive

    Deinitive Virgin Detailer

    Looking for some Korean made microfiber towels. Most sites don't say where they are made and after ordering from a couple, they were tagged China. Right now I'm old school and want to stick with Korean microfiber, assembled in Korea.
    I need some all in one towels. Wax and polish removal, use with spay detailers and final buffing.

  2. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    I think autogeek has some Korean made MF towels, they also have some Korean made MF clothe but assembled in China.
  3. flash gordon

    flash gordon Banned

  4. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    Check with the sponsors. I believe alot of theirs are made in Korea.
  5. flash gordon

    flash gordon Banned

    :shead: Alot of "Korean Microfiber" is actually made in China....:shakehead:

    Don't ask me why, I'm just a Country Bumpkin :giggle:
  6. magnumrt

    magnumrt Birth of a Detailer

    Check with Chris @ E-Shine.
  7. kustomizingkid

    kustomizingkid Nuba Guru

    Isn't a towel a towel (runs and hides) :D
  8. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing


    What you thinking! I think Korean and China made towels were different but I think as time has passed that difference many have shrunk. Just think about the quality of the towels you could buy OTC and look how the quality has improved now for OTC. You use to only be able to get high quality MFs online as the OTC ones were crap now you could almost get all the MFs you need OTC and they would be good quality and work well.
  9. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    Check out Pakshak. Ranney's towels are all made in Korea.
  10. advs1

    advs1 DB Forum Supporter

    i have some korean waffle weave drying towels and they are truly better than the chinese made.
  11. Toolman

    Toolman Virgin Detailer

    not after you run through several dozen towels of different manufacturers/origin that you realized many of these towels are not equal. I will only source mine from a couple of mills as the rest are not very consistent in their quality
  12. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    a ton of koreaa microfiber is now outsourced to China. All they do is just tag them in Korea.

    Its the same thing like Apple made in china developed in the USA...
  13. Aesop

    Aesop Jedi Nuba

    I use the Uber towels, they have never scratched once.
  14. J BELL

    J BELL Nuba Guru

    I love pakshak towels...best towels i have run across.
  15. flash gordon

    flash gordon Banned

    :shead: Are the ones from Dollar Tree made in China?
  16. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    Pakshak carries the top of the line Korean towels. Just get them from Ranney and you will not have to worry if they are cheap imatations.
  17. Toolman

    Toolman Virgin Detailer

    these are low cost mass production items and thus are not cost effective to ship them back to Korea just for tagging...my advice is to get the quality stuff from reliable source and you're safe
  18. Bunky

    Bunky Guest

    I asked the people who make Viking towels and they said the cloth (misnomer) for their towels is still made in Korea but it is cut and edged in China and despite the labeling saying 80/20, the bulk cloth itself was still 70/30.
  19. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    Another vote for PakShak. They are the only towels I use on paint.
  20. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    all I can say is you would be extremely surprised.

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