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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by MaxShine, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. MaxShine

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    This doesn't happen often for me, but today I had a client really get under my thumb. 1st, they purchased a detail at 1/2 off, so they are already getting a hell of a deal. Then after talking and finding out what their availability I gave them some options to work with their availability. Then she calls asking why I would need the car for 24-48hrs. Telling me how her husband isn't comfortable with this and is now leery, also saying I should add that to my ad. I kindly apologized for her not reading the fine print clearly stating weather permitting. Just so everyone knows, I live in Minnesota where it is currently 1* outside, feels like -14* outside. And I kindly explain why I cannot go to their house and detail the vehicle without a heated area. And she continues with now I am out a lot of money (remember they got 1/2 off). Also saying she could drop it off for a few hours but not 24-48hrs. Again I apologized and let her know I wouldn't need the car for 24-48hrs again, only a few hours max. She replies with "Really it's ok, I can vacuum out my own car." Are you Fing kidding me?? 1st, if it was just a vacuum, it wouldn't cost what it does. 2nd, don't waste my time by calling and trying to set something up when it's 1* outside and you want me to come to you without a heated space for me to work. 3rd. Don't take advantage of a 1/2 off deal and degrade Detailers everywhere by saying I can vacuum out my own car. If that was all it was, everyone would be doing it. I have a 96% positive feedback score from my clients so I know our details are far superior than anyone around us. But my ?? is how do YOU deal with someone like this? Do you ignore it and hope they don't write a negative review, or do you say something to them?
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    Just ignore them. If they leave a bad review simply reply to it with what you said. EVERYONE is going to encounter a customer like this at one point or the other. It's just a matter of time.

    Brush it off man. No need to get worked up over a customer with insane expectations.

    This might have been a blessing. What if you did detail her car and because of how she is, she called your work "sub par"? Then she would start a whole other scene. Trust me, you're probably better off just not touching her car at all. Just let it be.
  3. SinisterSTi

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    I agree with 718. People like that are never satisfied. You will be better off without that customer. Some people don't understand the time and care involved in a detail, alot of time it's compared to a car wash. Keep your head up and move on.
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    I would disregard it this happens to us a few times a year and if you don't have a thick skin it can get to you. if she already purchased it I would just give her a full refund, it's probably someone you don't want to deal with
  5. robert4u

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    I agree they should definitely refund her.

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