I've compounded, polished, and sealed. What's Next?

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    I'm completely new to detailing and I recently purchased the GG 6" DA Swirl Kit from DD to be able to only do mine and my wife's truck/suv. It came with the 6" DA, Menzerna 4000, 400, PL, micro towels, Uber pads, and 5" backing plate. I watched several videos on autogeek and talked to a few detailers on a different forum. I first washed and nanoskinned the truck. I then used the menzerna 400 compound with orange pad and worked the whole truck. I then top coated that with the Menzerna 4000 with green pad and worked the whole truck. I buffed the whole truck and sealed it with Menzerna PL with black pad. I let it setup for about 20-30 minutes and buffed that off. My paint was glowing and smooth as silk. The problem is I have to park outside and a couple days later my truck was filthy with loose dirt. Then the next week it stormed heavily for 3-4 days. My truck is now extremely filthy and I don't know how to proceed correctly. I have Collinite 845 and wondering if I could wash the truck and then top coat it with my DA and Collinite? Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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    If you have a foam cannon then you could also use that to coat the entire car in a thick lather to help pull of any loose dirt and grime. Then proceed with a 2 bucket method with grit guards. If you don't have a foam cannon then it's not a problem, I just use it as a precautionary step to help lower the risk of inducing surface damage. But you can still do a good and safe wash with the 2 bucket method and a nice, clean dedicated wash mitt, a nice soap and proper techniques. As for adding Collinite on top that is completely up to you. I'm a huge fan of 845, it goes on easy and removal is easy as long as you apply a nice, thin and even coat. I've never used PL so I'm not sure if 845 would bond well to it. Maybe some others here could chime in to help get you an answer based off of experience or better knowledge. I hope that helped!

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    Can you do as you stated of course. Is it going to do much for you probably not. You might as well just wash it normally since you just applied an LSP.

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