Is this guy for real?

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Frankastic, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. hamza7

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    He updates as he details so this one started two days ago and then when he gets somewhere he will post again. It helps his client's often forum members see real time result updates through the week.

    You should also look out for his big note pad, he writes what his processes are on that so he doesn't have to remember them
  2. Chaseme

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    Personally I'm not a fan of revealing pricing. It's bad for business all around.
    I retract my previous statement on not being a quality detailer coming from a body shop. I didn't look at any of his work. Hell...I'm sure he is better than me.
  3. hamza7

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    Since I'm notorious for going off topic let's flame his client in stead, I will not let my reputation go on untarnished


    All I can say it UGLY ASS RIMS
  4. JoeyV

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    I'm curious as to why some people are willing to point out those who don't charge "enough" rather than point out the ones who charge "too much" like Paul Dalton. I'd like to see both of these guys go head-to-head in a detailing "challenge" and see if Daltons work is really xxx number of times better than Big A's to justify the difference in pricing?

    If a big price is justifiable, then a small one is just the same to me. You have to charge an amount that evenly balances what you think you're worth and what people in your area are willing to pay.
  5. hamza7

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    I like that Idea Joey a lot, let's make detailing into a Olympic sport with judges and two equally soiled cars and then see who can clean them up best with the same allotted time. Detailing ROYALE @ LONDON 2012!!!!
  6. Kilo6_one

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    Esactly....... 80.00 I should go to him and save 12 hours of my life LOL
  7. JSF721

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    I like to see peoples prices. If I was doing this for a living I would not want anyone posting prices lower than mine either. Google has made the world smaller and services are hard to compare becasue they are tied to skill and the fear of the unknown. I my industry any of my product can get googled and it is up to me to add the value on top of the lowest cost providers.
  8. Russ@Xclusive

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    I can't vouch for his work but he is local to me and I've talked to him quite a few times. I think his prices are so aggressive because by the looks of it, he only does the paint correction work and has a staff that does the rest. Correct me if I'm wrong but in some of the pictures you can even see others working but only him correcting paint.

    To each their own. He does great for how much he charges most likely makes it all up in volume but the rest of us here focus more on one car as opposed to banging out a bunch of cars. Just a different business plan and in the area his shop is, it works the best.
  9. tfish1

    tfish1 Birth of a Detailer

    Idk whats there to lol about? Did i miss something in the pics?
  10. Upper Class Detailing

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    This guy is actually a well known detailer...and seems to be knowledgeable. Don't know about his pricing though.
  11. Auto Concierge

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    Since I was mentioned (LOL), here are a few things to consider.

    .Is it "Apples to apples", there can be a vast divide in capabilities from one service to another and charging more does not mean you are doing more.............and the flip side of the coin is that usually a very cheap price will mean corners are being cut somewhere.

    .Corners being cut can mean more than just how the final product looks, ie: lack of insurance/business DBA filed.

    .Cut rate products used, also this area is open to debate as there are products that cost WAY TO MUCH as the cost to delivery of performance is out of balance(HYPE) and low end products will mask issues as opposed to correcting them.

    Everyone is trying to make a living in this terrible economy, and some will have more business acumen than others based upon education, what they are exposed too in thier part of the country etc.........the measuring stick is a long list of happy clients that use you on a consistant basis over a long period of quality in anything lasts the "Test of time" and a reputation is built upon that foundation.

    Here are things I try to do daily to keep clients and gain new clients.

    .Do the right thing even if you can get away with doing the "Wrong thing".

    .When it looks "Good enough" put yourself in the clients "shoes" from thier perspective, and react accordingly

    .Look sharp, yes I wear a uniform and you do not have too but ask yourself should I wear one though? as what do your prospective customers see in addition to your established clients.

    . Be on time, in fact on time is ten minutes late.

    . Bring two of everything, as "Senor Murphy" is there to pull the rug on you at all times

    .Be well groomed, this is something that is really important because if appearance was not important why would a client want to have thier car 'Detailed", if you have a beard keep it trimmed and lose the piercings etc........ as that is fine if you are in that business but you are not.

    .Get really good at your craft, there was much debate on Autopia about detailers having "Techical skill" but no business skills...............which is true but without the ability to "Do the do" you will not build a reputation of someone "Who can do it" business acumen is to be learned along the same course of time but make no mistake if you cannot solve problems people have with thier vehicle they will go to someone who can.

    .Have the nicest mobile rig you can afford, if you have a shop optimize the appearance to the best of your budget as well.

    .Expand your is not always needed to use $50.00 dollar words, but high end clients as a whole are going to have higher education. Do not be the "Car wash guy" be a serious technician who can carry a conversation beyond "I can do your car for this much".

    .Be a truthful person who does not always tell the everyone myself included has told lies and will tell some more, but the goal is to be a honest man/woman of upstanding reputation.

    .Be humble.............................some will probably chuckle at me asserting this but I am even though I bang guy's from time to time for various things which is always based upon either cutting someone down for no reason or embellishments, as all I want for myself is to be included in the "Short list of guys known for doing it right" as opposed to "Being the best", as I was in the gym the other day and a very thin 14 or 15 year old kid was struggling with using a machine properly and I helped him out and he was like "But you are so strong I cannot do it" and I replied maybe...but it is relative as look at THAT guy over there.................a personal trainer at my gym who is really a bigboy (6'3" 275-290lbs and pretty lean) with traps coming out of his ears..........................there is always someone better.............

    Longwinded maybe, but a core value system anyone can utilize to be better than they are today and tomorrow.
  12. Stokdgs

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    I had to laugh when I read the part about combining 2 product into 1 step - something probably every Painter did since back in the days of acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, and urethane paint. I also did this all time using 3M compounds and say a good light polish/sealer product. It worked ! You had to experiment, there was not even a dream yet of the Internet ! Your boss was also a Detail Fanatic and wanted the vehicles to look perfect in the sun, so you got on board with this or you got out. I loved the challenge and still do.
    Did you read how he likes to colorsand paint? Only a Painter would be that comfortable doing this, because we had to do this pretty much on every car we painted, spot painted, etc., because again, we wanted to do perfect work every time. Talk about leveling the paint (you used a sanding block), its no wonder that the cars he does this to look better than new !
    Dan F
  13. Kilo6_one

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    I had to mention you Bob.......... lol

    I think the core values is what sets "us" apart from "them" meaning the car washes etc, think about the people they use, the work ethic, materials etc.

    A uniform is a command presence issue. If you want respect from your clients, besides the quality of work you have to act accordingly...... who is going to hire a guy wearing sagging pants, flip flops and a backwards hat? He could be the best, he could be the worst, he could use turtlewax or swissvax;but would you hire him if he looked sloppy?

    Clean cut, work clean, have a clean shop, clean mobile rig etc etc........ its about that presence. Why do you think in the military they have reviews, same thing In LE, look sharp act sharp......that is an old LE saying, keep your gig line tight, duty belt clean and your hair cut. Same as in detailing or any other profession.
  14. mrd0t

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    Pricing is all about selling yourself, if you teach your client a thing or two, then they just were educated along with the detail and realize why they are spending an extra buck over the a 5 minute wash down the street.
  15. P1et

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  16. mrd0t

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    I see what you did there.
  17. pektel

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    I'm surprised no one has yet thought of hiring this guy. Go check out his work. If it's legit, hire him to work for you. You can then charge 250 for a 2 step, do NO work, and make 170 in your pocket.
  18. Addicted2Shine

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    The contrast of his photos (especially at the garage) are surely way to rich...
  19. sal329

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    I didn't know his prices were so low, but whatever the reason it has been working for him. He does have a few people that help him through the detail so it does help cut down on his time I am sure. His work is good enough were his customers are very happy and that is what is important. He never comes onto any forums bragging about being the greatest. I have never met him but I know of him thanks to the forums and he seems to be legit and a stand up guy
  20. Wheelz25

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    I only asked that bc togwt posted that link and made it sound like I should check that one out specifically. that's all. ....

    BTW, the stripper pole in the "waiting area" is too funny

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