Is there anybody know about Miracle Orrange?

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  1. Shama

    Shama Virgin Detailer

    Dear all,

    I am YJ Kim from South Korea.
    For a long time I've learned lots of things from this forum.
    I introduced myself roughly in 'Now that you are here'.

    I have a question about a product named Miracle Orrange.
    Is there anybody knows about this product ?
    It's very intersting.

    Scratch Remover - Miracle Orrange Scratch Removal & Paint Restorer

    But I can't believe this effectivenss.
    I think it's an exaggerative advertisement.

    What do you think about it ?
  2. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Never heard of this product, I'm sure there are lots and lots of other products that claim to do the same thing and I'm sure if the products are used properly they would deliver some results.

    I for one stick to what I know works and for me it's Menzerna...but it's always good to venture and try other things.
  3. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Ok..heres the low down on this product...a friend of mine bought into this last year...its junk...its a citrus oil and a citrus wax based just fills the scratches with a wax type resin ....I used it at his house and did a wipe down after and walla the scratches all re appeard...there is no miracle product like this..if there was all other stuff would be obsolete...

    so in a nutshell it is a filling product that does a temp job of hiding a point also...

  4. Shama

    Shama Virgin Detailer

    Nica :

    I agree with you !

    Al-53 :

    Thanks for your advice !!

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