Iron-X with Opti-Coat

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  1. GloomyX

    GloomyX Birth of a Detailer

    Hi all

    This weekend I am planning to do a routine post-winter clean up on one of the car in the family. Currently, the car have Opti-Coat on it. I am wondering if Iron-X will harm the Opti-Coat in any way? Also, is Riccardo Yellow clay-bar aggressive enough to mar Opti-Coat?

  2. Paul S

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    Iron-X is ok to use on a Opti-Coated car. All clay will leave minor micro marring IMO on any surface.It's all up to you on how much is acceptable .Does this car need claying or just a extreme cleaning ?
  3. GloomyX

    GloomyX Birth of a Detailer

    Over the winter and spring it was only wand-washed at coin-op places. So this will be its first thorough wash since last fall.

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