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  1. JordanL

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    Hey everyone , im new here so please bare with me. I was just wondering what I should be diluting my IPA. I have 99% so im not sure if its too much. I was wondering what you guys use for a dilution ratio. I tried a 50/50 dilute and I sprayed it on a Black car so I could see everything and I used a Microfiber towel to wipe it off and noticed some streaking on the paint. I tried to wipe it off even more and I ended up having to get some Megs instant detailer to remove the streaking. Thanks - Jordan
  2. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Cut it down to around 15-25% to start.

    If you search on this forum there is a major thread from dsms outlining IPA dilutions. Good luck.
  3. Delgiorno12

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  4. acommonsoul

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    Great article! Should be a sticky!
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    Great article I usually go for a max of 12%, mix with distilled water, and actually a splash of Adam's Rinseless / ONR for color and for slickness (not the green formula with wax)
  6. blkSRT

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    I think adding ONR would negate the benefits of the IPA wipe down.
  7. ricky bobby

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    ONR / Rinseless isn't depositing wax or oils on the surface, like I said it's literally a "splash" in the 32 oz bottle, a couple drops just for color at best, it's not like I'm putting a capful or even a half capful in, and in my opinion the IPA negates any polymer deposits the ONR deposits, I just like to have a couple drops in there to catch any stray specks of polish, dust, etc so that its encapsulated and not rubbed against freshly polished paint. Might be in my head, but makes me feel better.
  8. 12-15% is typically the range you would want to be in. You were definitely on the high side!
  9. inDetail

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    +1 your IPA is too strong. 12% max by volume is all you need. It's a solvent and it will soften paint and streak on softer dark paint systems. It also takes a long time to evaporate. If you want a cheap solution Griot's makes a Paintwork cleanser spray that's much cheaper the Eraser and Panel Prep. I dont think you need either of those unless you are doing a coating.

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