Introducing the Uber Flat Foam Buffing Pads

Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by detailersdomain, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    I guess I have been teasing you all enough over the pass couple of weeks.

    Well how did this come about:

    Since I have been selling polishes, pads, and polishers I have been getting that one question:

    Customer: What pad do I use for this polish?

    DD: I would then ask what mfg is the pad?

    Customer: I'm not sure or 3m or maybe LC or maybe meg's etc...

    So I started to do some research:

    I searched all over the web and found nothing really besides colors that would indicate what step you would use. For newbie and oldies alike I still got the question.

    Well we still have colors but we decided to stamped the step on the pad so now we have the orange pad and the step medium polish on the velcro pad and so on, this should help everyone out a bit more.

    On top of that I personally as well as most of you all like low profile pads, I have made the 4 inch and 5 inch a height of 1 inch.

    As well as that we recessed the velcro to help prevent the velcro from damaging the paint.

    Check out how they look:

    The step labeled on the back (4 inch pad shown)

    1 inch thick (4 inch and 5.5 inch)

    Recessed velcro backing (blue pad shown here)

    Click here for more info The Uber Foam Pads

    Note: All our polisher kits will now include these 4 pads.
  2. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Those definitely look very promising Phil!
  3. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    thanks we have been testing the foam and the pads now for about 9 months.

    I know they will be good.
  4. Brian N

    Brian N Jedi Nuba

    They look great Phil!

    Going to have to pick some up next order for my flex. Who is the foam made by though? Is it more similar to lets say a 3M UK or a Lake Country?

    Either way I am sure you made them the best if it has the Uber name. :thumb:
  5. racersky

    racersky Jedi Nuba

    lol good thing I waited......
  6. Pats300zx

    Pats300zx Official DB Moderator

    They look awesome Phil. I can't wait to try them out.
  7. michakaveli

    michakaveli Welcome to Detailing

  8. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Very cool Phil! Who makes them?
  9. Purplewidow

    Purplewidow Obsessive Detailer

    looking good phil!!!! great idea esp for new guys.
  10. J BELL

    J BELL Nuba Guru

    Wow, very nice Phil congrats!
  11. cshorey

    cshorey Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Congrats on the new offering. The printing is a nice feature.

    A few questions:

    - How well does the printing hold up to washing?

    - Just took a peak at your site and noticed you don't have a 4" black listed. Will you be adding this? I pretty much have moved exclusively to 4" pads (PC user).

    - Is the foam you are using the same as any of the other pad makers we are familiar with. I only ask to get an idea of how they compare to pads I have (I have been using Sonus, LC, megs, and Edge foam). You are correct I am always confused as they are all different aggressiveness and different colors.

  12. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    yes they are the same as LC.

    there are only 2 foam mfg in the world.

    No we found no one really does the lsp with a 4 inch pad.

    But you can use the blue to lay a wax/sealant down.
  13. cshorey

    cshorey Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    thanks for the answers. I knew there weren't too many different foam mfg's (I thought there were 4, but I wasn't 100% sure on that)

    As 4" pads for lsp applications, one usage would be a cyclo, but you are probably correct that it's probably not a highly demanded pad, though I do apply my LSP currently with a 4" pad via PC (Maybe I am just weird)

    In a way I have found 4" pad offering difficult, as different vendors offer different pads and not always an entire line, though overall I can find almost everything and it allows me to buy from multiple vendors, since there are quite a few good ones.

  14. MadOzodi

    MadOzodi Nuba Guru

    SWEET! Are the 6.5" pads also low profile?
  15. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    I think I'm one of the few that actually applies my LSP with a 4" red flat pad. I've grown tired of applying via hand.
  16. michakaveli

    michakaveli Welcome to Detailing

    Haven't gotten around to it, but I bought a 5.5" LC CCS red pad for LSP's.
  17. cshorey

    cshorey Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Denzil, are you referring to the LC red? I am assuming you like them, what others have you tried? I personally have been wanting to try them. I currently have LC black 4", but wanted to try the reds. I don't have a lot of options for LSP pads at this time and wanted to try some different ones (4" LC red, and edge white were the two I was thinking of trying).

  18. Berscht

    Berscht Jedi Nuba

    Will the 5 inch pad have a beveled edge?
  19. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    Is your orange pad just as stiff as the LC orange?
  20. eyezack87

    eyezack87 Guest

    Hmm, this or LC...that is the question :)

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