How to wash/wax mini-van roof?

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  1. thatwillbuffout

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    Washed my wife's new minivan this weekend, what a PIA, and was not able to safely/comfortably wash the roof. I have a small step stool that has rounded edges that I used but did not feel safe leaning on that and reaching the middle of the roof.

    I waxed the van wtih Glanz wax but I did not even bother with the roof, I really want to get some synthetic wax on the roof. Any suggestions for this?

    Is there a safe wash brush wtih a good reach that I can use for the roof? I also have an SUV so this would help with washing that roof as well. I have never washed a car using a brush so I am not sure if it is safe or not.

    I also need something to wash the windshield, I cannot even reach the middle of the windshield when using the Adams window cleaner and mf towel.

    I love the convenience of the minivan and my wife loves it, but it is a large vehicle to detail. Oh, it is a 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L NAVI in Taffeta White w/ Truffle Leather if anyone was wondering.

  2. Kaban

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    i usually step onto the running boards of my Sienna to reach the roof... but I agree it is a PITA.
  3. nth degree

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    Yes. Large vehicles are a PITA. That is why you see so many where the roof looks like crap while the rest looks pretty good. A step stool is really the best way. You might need a taller/better one to be comfortable. Tape some old towels to the legs where it might meet the car to prevent scratching, and watch when your toes hang over so you don't scratch the car with your shoes. If it has raised/depressed contours for rigidity make sure to be thorough on these areas as water and dirt settles there and then bakes in the sun.

    I like the BFWD for a sealant. Outstanding look, good durability.
  4. slanguage

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  5. thatwillbuffout

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  6. Stokdgs

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    Thatwillbuffout --

    +1 with the Platform Slanguage suggested - I have one too, and it is very stable. If you need to still be taller, put some really thick rigid foam on top of the platform, or use wood, whatever works for you.

    One thing you need to be aware of - the sides of the platform can possibly scratch the sides of the vehicle if put too close to it, but you can get some black flexible foam, even the stuff they sell for insulating water pipes,, it may already have a slit cut out, and tape it to the edges of the platform so when its close to the vehicle it doesnt scratch it.

    The platform legs fold up into the platform and you can hang it by the end in the garage on a sturdy type of hook or a big nail..

    I use mine all the time in Detailing vehicles and its no problem to lean way over and get the middle of the roof. You can also use this to wash that windshield, etc..

    Good luck with this.
    Dan F
  7. JSF721

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    I have a Green vehicle wash brush that I use to get the very middle of my wife's MDX and the QX4 truck. I figure it is better than not cleaning it at all. I don't think that the the brush damages anything as it is very soft.
  8. ziggo99

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    Just got down with a polish and wax job on a 2010 Oddysey, and I used the Werner platform. Excellent tool. I have to move it a total of four times. I can get most of the roof by walking the length of the platform and then I need to move it to get the part I can't extent to, and repeat on the other side. Put some black foam on the sides and some non stick tape on it so when your shoes get wet you won't run the risk of slipping.
  9. Reflect

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    I just hop up on the tires of my truck but I'm not sure how much fender/tire clearance you have.
  10. 911Fanatic

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  11. Kilo6_one

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    get a little giant, IM not kidding. I have a lifted suburban and it has made all the difference......
  12. thatwillbuffout

    thatwillbuffout Virgin Detailer

    Not much tire clearance, Ody actually doesn't have a lot of gap.

    Latter is no good as it puts you to far away to get to middle of the roof, I tried with a small step stool latter and it didn't work that well.
  13. rwisejr

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  14. 911Fanatic

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  15. thatwillbuffout

    thatwillbuffout Virgin Detailer

    I realized I spelled it wrong, oops. I did turn it sideways and that is when it became unstable when i had to lean to reach the middle of the roof, I felt like it was going to tip over.
  16. TheRustySuper

    TheRustySuper Obsessive Detailer

    I use a stepstool to get to the roof of vehicles like that. Actually I usually only have to use it for minivans/small SUV's. Most trucks and large SUV's have running boards I can step on and enough tire clearance where I can stand on them.
  17. piginapoke

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    Little Giant all the way!
  18. Emile

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    This is easy, but time-consuming. When I wash my parents' SUV (Honda Pilot), I open up the foor doors and stand on the door sills, using each door sill to wash each section of the roof. I also stand on the driver and front passener door sills to wash the windshield. For the rear area of the roof, I place a folding chair against the rear wheel, stand up on that, and wash. Then I move the chair to the other rear wheel and do the other side of the rear of the roof.

    When drying the vehicle, I just use a spray wax like Opt Car Wax, spray, and dry with a microfiber towel. I'll never apply a real wax or sealant to the roof of my own SUV. SUV roof doesn't get dirty, the spray wax holds up fine, and I'd never be able to appreciate any look there is to be had out of using a true wax/sealant.
  19. hamza7

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    The little giant with the scaffolding attachment on kijiji for about $350 with my bargaining powers, and they don't sell the werner in Canadian HDs so does anyone have any other idea's for Canadians I can always use a plastic chair but moving around 10 doing a X5 does get a little annoying
  20. Piku

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