How is the detailing industry viewed where you are

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    The dealership mechanic rates around here is $80 to $90 or so.
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    By educating them.

    When I meet a potential client, I go through all the steps with him and even give him a hand out giving him details about what I do and why. Once they understand what and why we do what we do, they are much more easy going with the idea of spending a few hundred to get their cars back to a brand new state.

    EDIT: What generally hooks them is the clay bar, so emphasis on this is important.
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    i just recently did my bosses truck before he took it in to trade. another guy at our work understands what i do, as he used to be one of 'those' mobile 'detailers'. he has an idea of what i do anyway. i guess my boss had talked to him a little bit about what he could expect, or what i was able to do, only the mobile detailer guy didn't even really have a full understanding. when my boss came to me we discussed his budget (not super high since he was only trading it in), and he wanted to ensure that his budget included claying the vehicle. i assured him it did, and found out he thought the claying process actually removed scratches. this took a good deal of explanation of what exactly i do and can do.
    basically, not a lot of knowledge out there about real detailing or paint correction.

    and i do see quite a few mobile detail vehicles running around, all with the same kind of people doing sub par wash and wax jobs.
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    [How can we change the attitudes and perceptions of the public?]

    After Care / Education

    Provide tips on avoiding scratches by proper washing and drying techniques and any other tips they can give to maintain the finish on your vehicle. Client education in the aesthetic care of their vehicle should be equally as important as the detailing. The most common cause of surface scratches is washing the car improperly, or using unsuitable washing media, so I would suggest they explain or demonstrate the correct vehicle paint washing technique.

    Will a full professional detail increase the resale value?

    Go to Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds and check out the difference in the trade-in and resale values of an Excellent condition versus Good or Fair condition; it’s usually several hundred, if not thousands of dollars
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    The challenge is convincing someone that the $6 quick car wash at the local gas station is NOT good for you car. If they go for the premium $8, they get rainx, etc.

    I think some detailers want to do corrections since it seems more glamorous but the real money in volume has to be just wash/wax/clean interior.

    Some will pay a lot more to a barber to just cut their hair in 15, convince them to spend more on their car.
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    There is a lot of truth in that I think. However there is also the job satisfaction of turning a car around and making it look the best it can. I know that's why I like paint correction work. I think correction work is where the real passion for detailing becomes apparent.

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