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  1. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well I was able to make this video. The purpose of the video is to show how I like to apply wax, by hand of course. The intention is to help others, keep in mind though that this method works for me it may not work for others but I'm just sharing.

    The wax I chose to use for this video is Victoria (red one), I'm a big fan of Victoria, it's a great wax and it comes at a great price too.

    Well hope it helps, my apologies for the download but I insist on quality and the video will show the quality, hope it's worth the wait :peace:

    If you'd like to read the full write up it's here:
  2. matrix_808

    matrix_808 DB Supporter

    Sweet!!! Nice video, thanks Carlos.

    BTW did you get the applicator yet?
  3. Brian N

    Brian N Jedi Nuba

    Another awesome video Carlos Thank you very much!
  4. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Glad you enjoyed the video :peace: oh yes, big thank you for the applicators, they showed up a day before the move :thumb: Haven't used them just yet but they look nice.

    Glad you enjoyed it Brian N, thank you for the feed back, very much appreciated :peace:
  5. dionnfr

    dionnfr Birth of a Detailer

    Thanks Carlos anothe great video. Getting close to putting all together for a CD.
  6. bigpoppa

    bigpoppa Jedi Nuba

    You make it look so effortless! Can Victoria wax be applied with a regular foam applicator too?

    PS: I haven't really seen you on the last few days, I hope all is well.
  7. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Thank you dionnfr, oh there are so many more videos to come, so many little things to detailing, but slowly I'll get the videos up :peace:

    Oh yes, Victoria can be applied via foam applicator no problem. In fact, depending on theclear coat, I would incurage it.

    Things are well bigpoppa, just resently been moving so I was away from the forum for a few days but got the internet back up and running and well besides organizing the house/garage ect..ect..thing are going well :thumb: Thank you for asking, very much appreciated.
  8. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    Thanks for the video. Can't wait to see the new garage
  9. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    Nice video - thanks for sharing.

    Under what circumstances would you say it is better to use a foam applicator?

    I used WBW which seems to be very similar but only used the palm of my hands for application and found it easier to go back to a foam pad.
  10. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Another great video Carlos. It has been included in the master thread as well.
  11. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Glad you enjoyed the video sal, as for the garage...boy I got a long way to go, I was hoping to get it all done this year but it's now looking as though that may not happen this year. I'll at least get the lighting system and drywall done this year. The floor, shelves, compressor and many, many more goodies will have to wait till next year or so...oh well slow and steady wins the rase I guess :shrug:

    Glad you enjoyed the video, as to when to apply by foam applicator, well to be honest if your detailing a vehicle with really soft clear coat, for example when I detailed that 2008 Acura MDX and realized it has really soft clear coat there would be no way I could apply wax by hand. So under those circumstances I apply wax by foam applicator, other wise I prefer to do it by waist more wax by applying it by hand, but to be honest I'm not overly worried about I said that on the video as well lol..but htat's just me :crasy:

    Thank you for all your help Denzil :thumb:
  12. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    lol. I don't mind wasting a wax if the results are there! :) I guess applying by hand on the Acura would cause scratches?

    Also, what are you doing for a garage floor? I have put down a few industrial/commercial 100% solids epoxy based floor coatings with great results!
  13. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Yea, I'm the same way. I don't care about waisting wax just as long as it gives me the Carnauba glow I'm after I'm all happy ;) As for Acura, well I detailed an older model TL..when I say older I mean in the early 2000 and it didn't have the soft clear coat like the 2008 MDX just my opinion though :peace:

    AS for the garage floor, yes I'll be installing a industrial/commercial grade type of system as well. Boy it's not cheap to have it done but well worth it if you ask me. Best part it will have a 20 year warranty :thumb:
  14. detaildoc

    detaildoc Guest

    Awesome video Carlos. You did a great job in applying that wax evenly and covering every area.:thumb: Unfortunately, my wife strictly forbid me to apply a wax by hand since she saw me applying Concorso by hand to my car and I swear she got jealous, she said: "OMG, I don't even get touched and caressed like that." :giggle: So I had to make it up to her and I went ahead and applied it on her by hand [​IMG] (j/k)
  15. Nica

    Nica Banned

    :lol2: :lol2: hahaha yea I get that too..but then I smoother my wife her a new house and all and we are in good terms again hahaha lol just teasing but I do know what you mean :whistle:
  16. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    Easy to do yourself! Consider it!:mounty:

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  17. Nica

    Nica Banned

    That looks great shiny, yes I'm after something like that, with a few extras though :whistle: but you did this by your self? How long did it take? How many applications did you do? Where did you pick up the items? Sorry for all the questions, I just haven't had much luck finding any info on the good commercial/industrial stuff that's all.
  18. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    This stuff is Enviro Epoxy based out of Markham. I believe they sell across Canada through some retail channels but I don't know where (I bought from them directly). 100% solids epoxy available in different colours. (no solvents so you don't choke from the fumes)

    1. Clean/prep
    2. 2L Grey(2L Kit) Walls (and edges etc if any material is left)
    3. 6L Grey(4L + 2L kit ) Walls (coat #2)/ Garage floor Coat #1
    4. 4L Grey -- floors (coat #2)
    5. 4L Grey - floors (coat #3) and broadcast flakes (this is extra but I think you might have enough material to do this. If not,(or if you want to save this material) broadcast your flakes on day 4)
    6. 4L Clear - coat#1
    7. 4L Clear - coat#2 w/ silica (optional but makes the surface less slippery -- but clouds the clarity of the finish a tiny bit)
  19. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Oh nice, great info shiny, I'll look it up and see if I can do it my self, I'll also see the price..I'm sure it will be cheaper for me to do it, currently the asking price to have it done is in the $3,500.00 range :confused: :confused: I'd love to do it my self it can't be that hard :shrug:

    Thanks for the info though :worship2:
  20. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    np. How big is your garage? I was doing a relative's new place last week and A LOT of people were asking about it. You save tonnes doing it yourself.

    Good luck on whatever you pick. Just tape down some plastic on the floor to make sure you don't have any water seeping from the concrete that can cause mechanical failure.

    PM me if you have any questions. :)

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