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  1. Bull6791

    Bull6791 New Member

    I wanted to know what is the process of applying coatings to a car. Also how easy is it. Thanks
  2. robert4u

    robert4u Guest

    There are many ways to do the coating. First remove the dirt and the do the coating through hand. Also make sure the car is dry before you start the coat.
  3. drbeasleys

    drbeasleys New Member

    Here are the complete list of steps we recommend to prep for the application of our coating:
    1. Hand wash the vehicle with the 2 bucket system.
    2. Dry the vehicle.
    3. Decontaminate the paint with a lubricant spray and a clay bar.
    4. Polish the entire vehicle. Use more aggressive compounds for deeper scratches, use lighter compounds for light swirls.
    5. Wipe the vehicle with diluted isopropyl alcohol. We use 1 part IPA, 4 parts distilled water.
    6. Apply the coating according to the manufacturer's directions.
    7. Don't wash or wet the vehicle for at least 7 days.

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