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    Good evening! I have a dilemma with which products to try. I have been away from detailing for a lot of years. Currently, I am using the Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System 6" Starter Kit. While in awe of the final results when topping with Sonax Netshield, I have to have products that work faster and save me time. Now I know the Jeep I just finished today (pic's and write up to be posted tomorrow evening) and two other vehicle I have recently done had really rough paint, there has to be faster results. I do not have a paint thickness gauge and have never used one. I have SO much to learn and I am so thankful for any input from the incredible talent pool on this site. Upon arrival of vehicle, this is what I usually do:

    Degrease engine compartment, door jams, gas tank cap, wheel wells, clean tires and rims.
    Spray down entire vehicle and wash with a strong mix of hot water and Dawn dish soap to strip any wax/sealants.
    Iron X, agitate, rinse and dry
    Clay bar
    IPA wipe down
    IPA wipe down
    Finish wax/glaze
    IPA wipe down
    Sonax Netshield
    Dress tires/engine
    Wax all jams
    Fine detail all cracks/crevices
    ​Final wipe down/inspection
    Present vehicle to client

    I look forward to words of wisdom. Thanks all and have a great evening!!

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    My concern is the IPA wipedown immediately following the sealant/wax step. My understanding is that and IPA mix is meant for removal of waxes and sealants, so you are essentially removing it immediately after applying it?...

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    I thought that the paint needed to be as clean as possible prior to applying sealant. Have had great results and do windows with IPA as well prior to Netshield. Thanks!!


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