1. Guitarmageddon

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    So I have a 2016 black jetta. I have put off my initial purchase detail for over a year....but now I`m ready. I attempted last summer and got super frustrated, so I gave up. I did some `test runs` with the product I had left over this past weekend, and Im thinking Im seeing the same results.

    I did all the proper prep - 2 bucket wash, clay, wash etc, but I could NOT get the holos out of the paint. Now here is a disclaimer, and maybe some can answer from experience, the product I was using had been sitting in a Virginia garage for two plus years...think its bum at this point?

    Heres what I had left from my old batch *cough 2013 cough*: Menzerna s1500, sf4000, sf4500, fg400 (theyre all called something different now but autogeek still references the old names), and also sonax perfect finish. As far as pads, I had the "uber" brand from detailers domain from microfiber, to med cut, to polish, to finishing. I also attempted lake country pads on my go-round last summer.

    ...and still holograms! I used fg400 and s1500 on my audi s4 two years in a row and it was BEAUTIFUL, never seen a holo in my life. What the hell am I doing wrong? My machine is a griots DA with a few different sized backing plates. I have taken a gamble and figured my old polish batch may be on the fritz due to not storing right, so I have some new Menzerna SF 3500, Medium Cut 2500, and menzerna heavy cut on the way. I think these should be MORE than enough.... What is inducing the holos? Is it too MUCH pressure on a too aggressive pad? Should I rely more on finishing polish and light pressure/fast passes once I compound, and NOT expect to see too serious of a result after initial compound?

    I`m getting disheartened and not sure the solution. Ive detailed other cars, and my old audi, and never would conclude its my technique. But hey who knows. any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Can you post some photos of the affected areas up? What machine are you using? FG400 or HC400 (what they call it now) followed by SF1500 may not work, you may need to move to HC400 and then follow it with SF3500.

    Also what pads are you using?

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