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    how do you find higher end clients that are willing to pay for the great work. Now in the winter I'm looking to do more high end cars. It's getting cold out so I bought a nice heater for the garage but still looking how to bring in the better clients that are willing to pay more money because I will do their car only that day. Any ideas on how to get the nicer cars in? This summer I did a newer Bentley and many BMWs, looking to keep with those type of cars.
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    I'm in Ohio and I have done the same thing the past couple of winters. I pursued the higher end clients pretty hard and went where I thought they would be. I had a local printer print up some very expensive looking, laminated, multi page flyers that were more of a pamphlet or menu of my capabilities and services catered to the very high end side. I went to the local hospitals, doctors offices, larger businesses, country clubs, golf courses etc. where I knew these customers were and got those flyers in to any ones hand I could. I even followed a couple higher end cars I saw to where they worked. I never bothered the owners directly but there was always someone willing to take my flyers or somewhere I could "plant" them where they would be seen. That generated a decent amount of business but my work generated a huge business through word of mouth. High end clients have high end friends.

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