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    Hey all, I am brand new to this page and I actually created my account on here so I could get some advice with this question. I have been doing a lot of detailing on the side and everyone states how much they love my work and how great it turns out. Problem is on my own personal vehicle being a black silverado. I make the truck shine beautifully, I recently polished one front fender to remove swirls. It looked great under the light and looks great in the daylight, until the sun hits it at the right time of day or the right angle, you can see burn marks all over it. That first fender was done with an orange hexlogic pad, and I use a porter cable 7424. So about a week later I decided to use a white hexlogic pad to see if it would help remove what appear to be burns and finish it down alittle better with the softer pad. It looked like it was good so I did a quick pass over the whole truck with the polish, and the white hexlogic pad. Now today I noticed, when the sun was hitting the truck just right as the sun was going down, there appears to be burns all over the truck. You can see exactly where I moved the polisher. I always use a plentiful amount of polish and go in a grid pattern covering 50% of my previous pass, on speed usually 3 or 4. Its frustrating because I am not going slow with the polisher and I am always keeping it moving, I feel like I am putting appropriate pressure on the machine also. Does anyone have any advice. The truck looks great until that sun hits it just right. Also I use a McGuires cutting/polishing compound, I just cant remember which number it is off the top of my head.
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    To start just do a 2x2 section, make sure you are putting enough pressure on your PC and go slow. Don't move on to the rest of the car until you corrected your test spot.
    That way you will know what it takes do correct the rest of the car.
    Check out this video!

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