HELP with a strange defect

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  1. Setch

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    Thanks for looking!

    Heres the story...

    I ended up having to park my 96 Mystic Cobra outside uncovered for about 2 years, before it was parked it was fully polished/sealed (obviously wont last 2 years). the only spot I could park it in was near train tacks (fallout)

    Fast forward to the present it now has a nice home inside a garage, but while parked some nasty things happened with the paint :(

    The defects almost look like bubbles on the surface, have a texture and you can see how it has formed on the panels as water would drip down the car (visible on the mid door picture. looks "milky" in the reflection.

    I have clayed with no success
    polished via flex 3401 with orange LC pad and menzerna SIP (just seemed to clean up the reflection a bit, texture was still present)
    I haven't had the heart to wetsand as the car has been polished about 2x in its lifetime. I have a paint depth guage but just for total thinkness, battery is dead (doh) but if I remember correctly the car was around 110 micron deep.

    Is it oxidation? seems to be on mostly on the upper body. (roof, tops of doors and rounded portions of rear qp and front fenders.

    any ideas on how to remove it?
  2. detailmuscle

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    Hard to tell by the pictures but it seems like if what you tried hasn't worked your only remaining options are to wetsand or to repaint.

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