HELP!!! Polishing Advice needed with Meg's M105 Compound

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  1. Holden

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    I am doing a favor for my brother in law on his new Toyota Prius. I am going to wash/decon/clay/seal but he recently just scraped the rear left fender and it has paint transfer. I don't have any true polishes on me at the moment and since I'm working on this car tomorrow, I can't get polishes here that quickly without paying a hefty shipping fee. I can source Meg's m105 locally.

    My question is: Can I go over the damaged area with a uber orange pad and M105 then follow up with a uber green and say AF Tripple?

    What about about if I follow up with m105 and uber green pad after compounding with the uber orange pad? Will this combo finish down nicely (the m105/uber green pad combo?)

    Any advice will be helpful as I will be working on this car tomorrow. I've never worked with Meg's polishes before so help is greatly appreciated.
  2. 911Fanatic

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    Megs 105 will finish down quite nicely so if the car is a light colour, the green pad/Tripple combo should be fine. If the car is is a darker colour, following the orange pad with the green pad / 105 is a good idea to ensure no micro marring is present then use the Tripple.

    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer

    If you are looking for OTC polishes then try the Megs Ultimate Compound with the green pad for a lighter cut. Or combine the M105 and UC on the same orange pad 50/50 to finish out better.
  4. RZJZA80

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    You will be fine using 105 with the cutting pad then following it with the finishing pad, if you don't like the results you can always pickup some Ultimate Polish at a Walmart.
  5. tdekany

    tdekany Wax on..Wax off

    In most cases you can just clay it off. Just a thought.

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