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Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by JordanL, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. JordanL

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    Hey everybody, happy holidays! I'm interested in picking up a new paste wax soon. I have a $100 budget and want something nice but with decent durability (up to 2 months or so). I'm open to opinions so if the wax is only $30 ill still contemplate it, it doesn't have to be $100, id just like to keep it under $100. It would be layered over some sealant so i'm not worried about durability that much. I'm looking for something that I can apply at shows or just to get that extra bit of shine after a maintenance wash. I'm trying to go for something in a Jar not a liquid. I would like the versatility to have the wax work on all colors not just dark or light etc. I've been browsing around and found a few options, Zymol Carbon but it states it's for darker colors. I was also looking at Swissvax Onyx and I know it's $119 but would it be worth the extra $20? In my opinion I believe there are better options out there. I would be interested in what you have to suggest. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!
  2. Meticulous-Detail

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    In all honesty the prep makes the pop not whats on top. If you are looking for something to apply at shows and after a maintenance wash I would look into a detail spray/spray wax/waterless wash with wax. I show my Shelby several times a year and use a waterless wash with wax to do a wipe down, if I do a wipe down which is very rare. I also use a spray wax after a maintenance wash.

    I would not apply and remove a hand wax after a drive to a car show, you are begging for swirls, I speak from experience. Plenty of good waterless wash n waxes and spray waxes. I personally use Megs WWWA and D156 and love them both, Optimum also makes ONR with wax and Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer, Sonax BSD is also a good choice.

    Check out some of the waxes offered by Auto Finesse on DD. HD Poxy is a hybrid sealant and montan wax that gives the look of a wax, but the protection of a sealant. I like Chemical Guys Pete's 53 and DP's Max Wax too. Have no experience with Zymol or Swissvax so can't comment.
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  3. JordanL

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    Thanks for the advice! And just to clarify to anybody , I would give the car a quick wipe down with a waterless wash to remove any dust or dirt (the car would be washed etc the day before) and then I would apply the coat or two of wax
  4. 911Fanatic

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    Come by the shop Jordan. I have a ton of waxes you can try. I'm selling off most of my stuff so we can do a deal on what you like.
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  5. JordanL

    JordanL Virgin Detailer

    Sounds Good Ken! I'll shoot you a text to try to set something up
  6. Sleper

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    Personally I prefer a sealant over a wax. They last longer and are more durable. There are many synthetic sealants out there and I think they are all close. Many have personal preferences but I beleive they all are close to each other.
  7. B.Prug87

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    Im gonna be cutting loose most of my waxes but I think ill be holding onto my zymol glasur. I like how tight it beads and its very easy to work with
  8. inDetail

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    Anything under $100 with a good rep. I hover around the $60 -$75 over that it's a waste of money IMO.
    Just read reviews. There are some waxes out there for $25 that will blow $100, $500 wax out of the water.
    My Faves: P21s, Natty's Red, Pete's 53, CG 50/50. BF Midnight Sun, Bouncer's Vanilla Ice is pushing it but I got it as a gift. I'm pretty certain it got voted best wax in 2014 or was in the top 10 and it's under $100.
    Sealant wise Collinite #845 looks likes a wax behaves like a sealant. BF All Finish Paint Protection. Collinite Paste waxes have great reps as well.
    I will pick out a wax for you and you can send me a money order for the difference :D
    Like Meti-Detail said it's all in the prep.
  9. aquariusashu

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    You can follow the instruction of the other members because in my opinion they are highly experienced in their work area. So you can read their suggestions and take your decision according to it.
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