Has anyone wet sanded factory paint on 2013 Mercedes CLS

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    I have a Mercedes CLS brand new that i painted rear door, quarter panel and rear bumper. After i was done customer states that panels i painted sanded and buffed are way to flat and wants front door and fender sanded and buff to match. The clear from factory is different then the 2009 cls that i did all over sand on any suggestions.
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    I have an audi allroad that I had repaired, the paint shop color sanded and then cleared and of course wet sanded and buffed, however the factory does not color sand, so all the factory panels had orange peel under the clear and the new panels were flat. The only solution was to strip the new panels match the orange peel and re clear.

    I am not sure if that is your problem or not, but adjusting the factory pieces to match the repair sounds like trouble to me. Usually the orange peel is in the color not the clear, or is in both clear and color coats, but this is not always the case. I have wet sanded entire cars before but it has always been a last ditch effort on basket case finishes.
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    I would scuff the ''sanded and buffed area" , tape the car and shoot an extra coat of clear or 2 and match the original orange peel.... if you cant do that you shouldnt be working on brand new expensive cars....I mean...why would you want to wetsand and buff panels to make them mirror flat when the rest of the car has a deep factory orange peel finish?

    Oh....you could also wetsand the rest of the car and remove all the uv protection of the factory finish...
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    I work at a Mercedes dealer and these cars have insane orange peel factory installed, you certainly CAN NOT wet sand and polish flat like a perfectionist because your repairs WILL stick out like a sore thumb!

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