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  1. kodexkustoms

    kodexkustoms Virgin Detailer

    Hey guys,

    The matte stripes on my boss are starting to look pretty haggard. The shop I work at has a paint shop that doesn't take the best steps to keep overspray out of the parking lot so I have some moderate overspray on my matte roof and stripes. They've also got some water spotting from getting sprayed by reclaimed water sprinklers while driving down a certain road I travel.

    What is my best bet for fixing them? And is it possible to fix them to a good enough point to be coated? Cuz at this point I'm lost and feel like I might just have to replace them (if I do I'm having them painted on!)

  2. autonuvoIan

    autonuvoIan New Member

    Your best bet is likely to just redo them. With gloss vinyl, you'd be able to attempt polishing it to try and bring back some of the gloss and remove defects..but with matte you'd end up discoloring and/or distorting the film. Save time and the headache and have the vinyl redone.
  3. kodexkustoms

    kodexkustoms Virgin Detailer

    I'm gonna be buying several carbon fiber body panels so I think once I do get them I'll probably just have the car painted and have the graphics painted on. But just looking to spruce the current vinyls up for the time being.

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