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  1. Sizzle Chest

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    Gyeon Prime Ceramic Coating

    Lately I have been doing a lot of coating jobs. I am also ‘into’ coatings, because I think they are cool.

    I have used quite a few over the years. Some I liked, some were just ok.

    Gyeon Prime was extremely easy to use. It goes on and comes off after flashing very easily. I used it on a metallic silver Porsche Boxster S. The flake in the paint was really amped up! It was popping like after a quality ‘nuba is used as an LSP. Impressive! The final look after curing was very nice. It has a great glow, depth, reflectivity and it made that flake pop.

    I will be adding the Gyeon line of coatings to my line up of offerings for my customers.

    I am extremely happy with the results overall.





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  2. detailersdomain

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    thanks for sharing your results, let us know how it holds up after the first wash.
  3. Priyaka

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    What are some of the other coatings you use and how would you rank/compare Gyeon to them?

    BTW: that Porsche looks beautiful.
  4. Sizzle Chest

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    ^^^^I've used the Pinnacle Black Label line, Optimum's, BEEDS, CarPro, and Gyeon, and a no name brand that a buddy brought back for me from overseas. I can't really speak of durability, due to me just starting to use the Gyeon line. As far as application, removal and look: The Gyeon line is up there with best I have used. Very easy application/removal and a great look.
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    Awesome! I'm very glad the products are working for you! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to give me a shout.

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