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    Gyeon MOHS

    I decided to ‘clean up’ my personal ride today. 2BW, clay, light polish, and wanted to re-coat it.

    I used SCG Pro prep wash, SCG Pro Extreme suds wash. The Extreme suds was also used as my clay lube. Claying media was a nano-skin wash mitt, fine grade.

    I polished the vehicle with Car-Pro Essence and a Car-Pro gloss pad using my Flex 3401 on speed 4.

    I let the Essence ‘cure’ for a little over an hour and then got to coating with Gyeon MOHS.

    I applied 2 coats. I waited about an hour between coats.

    MOHS: It is easy to use. It has a strong chemical smell. USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA!!! After it flashes it is pretty easy to remove. The flake, depth and shine were greatly enhanced! Slickness is nice after it fully cures. After the CURE wipe down, slickness is insane!!

    Some pics: The ole palm tree in the hood shot! lol Picture was taken at today's Cars on 5th Show!


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    looking good.

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