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    I have a newly painted Shelby Cobra that has a couple of spots that appear to have some type of grease or adhesive stain. The worst area is where I rest my left arm on the door. I don't think it is from sweat but from the sticky that was used to put the rubber sealant on for the doors and windshield. I have tried a few detail sprays that did not help. Help please. What should I use on this. Thanks. Henry
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    Welcome! Sorry to hear about this. Can you snap a good shot of the trouble spots and post them up.

    What have you already tried in the interior?

    Is it a gummi sticky black goo?
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    My pics are not coming out well enough to see the issue. It is a twelve by three area on the top of the driver side door where i rested my arm. I am guessing. It is relatively close to the area of the windshield where I have had to remove some adhesive that I think was for the windshiled or some weather stripping. It started as a small area around two by three but is a little larger. I tried some Meguiar's detailing spray and Windex and have wiped with a MF towel and really have not seen any improvement . Does this sound like I should use a clay bar or 3M adhesive remover? I need to do something. Thanks.

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