Good OTC protectant for old platic and vinyl

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by Tire Shredder, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Tire Shredder

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    Hi guys,

    I am in need of a good over the counter interior spray with uv protectant. My 84 supra is old and needs something a little more heavy duty than aerospace 303 to bring the black back where it should be. It seems regardless of the number of applications I can not get it to soak Into some areas for an even black finish. I believe it has some inherent cleaning ability that prevents thick application. In the past, some of my chalking interior plastics were taken care of using meguiars natural shine. Although on the greasy side... it did do the job as far as appearance goes bit does not seem to be available over the counter anymore. Any suggestions?
  2. Meticulous-Detail

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    Mothers VLR is a great all in one product. Megs Quick Interior Detailer is great but leaves a matte finish, for a more glossy finish Megs Ultimate Protectant might soak in a shine up the dullness, if it is too shiney just buff with MF towel. You can always order from Phil.
  3. RustyBumper

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    +1 on Mother's, although I've found it to leave more of a matte, natural finish. It's a great product. I use it to clean and conditions door seals, dress dashes and for cleaning and dressing vinyl seats.
  4. 99monguse

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    The Meguiars stuff has a good smell to it, but I would only use retail if I had to.
  5. RZJZA80

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    Megs all natural shine interior dressing and cleaner is really good, not just for OTC, but in general.

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