Glass Feels Grippy/Gritty after Cleaning

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    I have a new Audi S3 (2016) and after some time out of the detailing scene I am back in due to the new car. When I got it few months back the windshield has some bad water spotting so I polished it with some 1z glass polish and a MF pad, cleaned it up pretty good but have always noticed the glass is not perfectly smooth but almost a grippy feeling. Glass was clay bared and cleaned and wiped down with IPA and still have the feeling. I also applied CarPro Fote and did not help. Thinking I messed up the application i polished with Nanolex glass polish and re-applied Forte today and still almost has a grippy feel. I cleaned all the other glass with spray away and other glass panels feel the same at times but not as bad. I polished small portion of a side window with Nanolex and now when wet that area stands out as splotchy - and when using glass cleaner that area seems to stand out also. The area polish is also not as smooth - not rough but almost a grippy/gritty feeling. I tried cleaning with Nanolex EX, IPA, QD, water, white vinegar and can not get the feeling to go away. Application of reloaded does make it smooth again but still wondering what the polish was doing as it gives it a grippy feel. Even after application of EX or IPA the polish residue should be cleaned away. Doubt any coating was applied from Audi as there is a TSB saying to use 3m glass polish to clean windshield if needed. Anyone have this grippy/gritting feeling ever after polishing or even before?
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    I have not heard of this problem, have you contacted your local dealer I have heard Audi has replaced glass due to issues like this and spotting from the suction cups.
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    congrats post up those S3 shots.
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    I have a feeling it may be the Forte coating - Polished the glass with M205 today - absolutly no beading of water at all and I will see how the rain storms go. If not I will let the dealer know at the 5k service. I will post up some pics in the off line section today.
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    I just bought a new ford truck and I do believe I have overspray on the glass and mirrors and hood.

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